Obtaining refund from possible scam site?

So, I’m in the process of trying to get a refund from https://1supershop.com/ after reading many reviews that the site is a scam/sells sub-standard products. I emailed the site minutes after foolishly making a purchase requesting to cancel the order and obtain a refund. In the event they don’t get back to me, does anyone know what my options are for receiving a refund? If any?

P.S. Yes I know I’ve been a bit of doughnut!

As it’s an online purchase you have certain rights, read below;

If they don’t cancel and still send you whatever you purchase you can send it back for a refund or you can also refuse to take the delivery. If they don’t refund you can start Chargeback process. You can about more about that by searching this community :slight_smile:


This may also be handy:

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In case of sending back for a refund make sure you use recorded delivery! Scamers will always claim that the item was not returned to them. Even if they provide return postage service, make sure you opt for the one that gives you a proof of delivery. Good luck!


Just echoing what others have said on here. Attempt to contact and cancel the order, if not, return. If your money is not returned initiate a chargeback.

That site looks like an AliExpress reseller with hugely inflated prices. In fact, I’m fairly sure it is as it’s based in China. Be aware that delivery could take upwards of a month and likewise for returns.

I’m not sure how refusing to accept the parcel would go if the sender is in China? Anyone any experience of this? It would probably save on return postage but I assume it needs a return address on it already?


In the case of a chargeback or similar, it’ll be up to the merchant to prove you actually received the goods - so refusing delivery will be okay (if it hasn’t got a return address, then it’s not your problem). The may be able to say ‘Well, we sent it’ - but unless they got proof of delivery and a ‘reasonable delivery timeline’ has not passed (say a month for international orders), then the payment provider (Paypal, Monzo etc) should err in your favour as there is no evidence that a) you received it and b) they sent it to the correct address in a timely manner.

There’s a reason that everytime my small business sends out something, we send it via ‘proof of delivery’ postal method (even though it practically doubles the postage costs) - a) ensures we have our return address on it and b) ensures there are no ‘not delivered’ disputes (before we started doing this, we had a few parcels ‘going missing’, but since making customers sign for receipt not a single one has gone missing - strange that)…

Thank you folks for your responses. I’ve still not had a response from 1supershop after an email and a Facebook message to them. However I’m going to assume time zone difference is causing a delay and give it a day or two. After that I guess i’ll have to make sure to refuse delivery and then go through the charge back process.

I ordered a cheap imitation Airwheel from China. It arrived OK, but turned out not to charge properly. It was very heavy, so paying return postage would have cost more than the refund. I asked for a refund anyway, and they sent me photos supposedly of them using it to prove it worked! Eventually got the money back through the middleman - cant remember which one…probably eBay.

I also ordered some tickets to Reading Festival from a scam site, but the credit card refunded those.

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