Obtaining a Monzo card

(Bob) #22

I hope not. By all means have a queue, however existing users get first dibs to apply for the CA. Once that backlog reaches the last few stragglers I’m sure they’re be capacity to welcome new users in the sign-ups.

(Max Walker) #23

I completely agree with @crablab, its possibly a bit offputting for new signups if there is completely no hope. I’d at least like to see a new current account queue (even if it doesn’t move until everyone who had prepaid has been offered a current account).

Ultimately I think not having some kind of queue makes it look like monzo is closed for business slightly whereas having one means that people at least have their foot in the door.

(Simon B) #24

I’m afraid not at this stage (that I know of, at least), but it depends how quickly we can migrate people and how quickly people choose to do it. If there’s additional capacity due to us not hitting the card production limit every week then there may be potential to implement something, but I expect that this will formally addressed over the next week - I’m not in the trenches in these product meetings unfortunately! However, it really wouldn’t be fair to offer anyone a CA before all prepaid users have at least had the opportunity to migrate. The speed at which people choose to do this is something that we’re not really able to predict, but once the data is there we’ll obviously analyse and see if anything changes based on that, like we always do and you would always expect from your favorite fintech company :wink:

I’m just here as your friendly neighborhood Spiderman staff member giving you all a slightly less formal heads up on some aspects of what’s currently happening - but don’t take my comments to be a replacement for actual formal blog post updates, etc.

(Simon B) #25

Sorry, I may not have been clear enough here (there’s a lot to chew through!)

There will be a current account queue, absolutely. But there won’t be movement on it until the bulk of prepaid migration has happened.

(Hugh) #26

That makes a lot more sense! :slight_smile:

Would pay money to see this :joy:

(Max Walker) #27

I was just considering what superhero I’d be and thought that with monzo perhaps tom is Gru (despicable me) and perhaps the monzonauts are minions with an evil plan to disrupt banking :smiley:

(Simon B) #28

Stan Lee just posted this on his site, musicians as superheroes.

Kurt Cobain as Thor, Prince as Green Lantern (should be Purple Lantern!!!)

No Spiderman on there so I call dibs. :joy:

(Hugh) #29

I love this analogy so much :heart::joy:

Those are so awesome! :smiley: Would love some prints for my wall…

(Simon B) #30

Update : Top-up deadline has been extended until Sunday for those were unlocked from the old prepaid list. Everything else from above still applies :slight_smile:

Card requested in wrong country - what to do?

Would it be safe to assume that operations would then be fully focused on the current account launch @simonb?

(Simon B) #32

In what sense?

Frontline operational support is still mostly on prepaid as most customers are still on prepaid for the moment. However, the team is split - and many new starters aren’t even being trained on how prepaid works - there’s no point. So for the first time, in the last few weeks we’ve had new staff coming in and only being trained on current account procedures, although there’s obviously some overlap. We are simultaneously training up existing staff to new CA procedures, and as migration happens, more staff will move over :slightly_smiling_face:


You’ve answered my question fully there. Thank you!

(Arslan) #34

@simonb What about those on CA Preview? Where do they stand in getting the migration? After the Investors or as soon as migration starts?

(Simon B) #35

Good question.

So, those on CA Preview don’t need to go through the full migration flow as they already have a card. You should just be able to download an update to the prepaid app, and click the migrate wizard, which will then merge the transaction history and you can then uninstall the separate CA app and go back to using the regular Monzo app from the Play Store / App Store. This won’t affect card production limits because we already have you flagged as having a current account therefore the card ordering process gets skipped.

This is how it’s worked on staff migration, my understanding is that it’ll be the same for the 20k preview users as well.

(Toby Toller) #36

Sounds great! Do we know roughly when that app update will come?

If on the preview and have a 1st gen card, will we get the option in the migration wizard for a new card or will that more likely come at a later date?

(MikeF) #37

The info given out before preview suggested that even the second gen would need replacing on migration, or at least the statement was very general and didn’t distinguish.

Is there a third generation card to come or are we fine with the second?

(Hugh) #38

There is a 3rd gen :wink: (I’ve seen it)

I would guess the chips in 2 and 3 are the same (they include write access to the chip so theoretically you can put your Oyster card on there or whatever) - the 1st Gen doesn’t and has some slightly different software. This video “demos” the 3rd gen: https://youtu.be/8zHKMSqOjYk

(Arslan) #39

Great! So any idea when this app update will be out? Also, I believe that means the cards we have will work perfectly fine they don’t need to be replaced. :slight_smile:


I’m sticking with my first gen CA whilst the ATM bug remains :wink:

(Simon B) #41

I’m afraid I don’t have an ETA on the update yet other than “soon” - over the next two weeks. We are aiming to have the bulk of migration done throughout November.

Regarding card replacement for Alpha Preview users : It’s not going to be mandatory (as we initially indicated) however if you have the very first gen CA Alpha Preview card then you may want to. That version of the card doesn’t have your printed name on the front (which may be an issue in some countries) but more importantly it doesn’t support offline-only terminals : so things like buying tickets or snacks whilst onboard a train, or in-flight purchases, some toll booths etc. That version also doesn’t have “contactless magstripe” support which can trip you up in the USA sometimes (if you’ve ever had a decline in the USA on prepaid, and there was no outage, chances are it was because of lack of contactless magstripe support, it’s a different standard to the contactless we use here in the UK).

A Current Account Rollout Update