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Not really, I’ve lived and worked in a few and most integrate people fairly well, and definitely after more than a year. You become part of society, not addressed as a temporary addition.

I try to socialise as much as possible outside my industry - tech is fun as a job but super boring in comparison to what you learn and experience from people who don’t work in tech.

IME, as a novelty, hence still always being an outsider, as that sense of novelty stops you from being truly included in mainstream society. I’m not going to go any further down that conversation though.

For some people the things they enjoy about being there outweigh this, but I’ve never heard anyone not feel/ see it. Most people I know stay for a time, but ultimately leave to settle in somewhere they can feel a true part of the community, not an onlooker.

If you haven’t lived in multiple countries you may also see it as the norm, as you would never know it could be different.


Nice, integration sounds like the end goal of any permanent country move.

You’re right in this aspect but I’m not sure how to even go about finding people to socialise with in England, let alone anywhere else.

Do they actually ask people to speak English as a novelty?


Would like to add, still strongly recommend trying Japan, but going in knowing the (current) social limitations and knowing that they do not exist everywhere.

Meetup.com, couchsurfing hangouts, friends of friends of friends, and being open to initially awkward conversations with strangers knowing that sometimes it leads to new friendships.


Do you think this has the potential to change in the near future? The current government acknowledges Japan isn’t going to be a country in the next few hundred years if they don’t act now. Declining birth rates and an aging population can only be fixed by increasing migrant intake (preferably skilled, but they happen to need unskilled labour too) or by encouraging certain acts :wink::wink: and then taxing certain things that would make that act not increase the population, although I think we should stay away from the possibility of this happening in this conversation - sketchy areas.

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IMO, no. I think such a radical shift in public behaviour would take a decade. But, to be fair, what do I know :woman_shrugging:

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I would but where on earth to?


Monzo(naughts) in Japan? :joy:

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Or some political thread about minority groups being the cause bigotry?

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Just split it into a moving to Japan thread. I was simply mentioning in passing that I can turn a blind eye to something if there’s a very small group in said country, as I don’t like the particular thing.

I’d prefer if you didn’t try to spin this me saying they cause bigotry. That’s not what I said at all.