O2 Outage

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I wonder if O2’s network doesn’t have enough capacity to handle the entire user base registering all at once, causing future outages. Eventually it cleared up once enough users registered and the load subsided.


While we’re on the relatively close topic of SoftBank, have any of you been on some Japanese carriers? Need to know what kind of SIM I should be looking for over there :eyes:

Looking at 10-20GB of data if that’s a thing and I don’t care about minutes or texts :thinking:


You can’t get voice there on a PAYG sim unless you are local. Data is very expensive.

It’s worth looking at the paid wifi as Tokyo is covered in them.


You mean like, voice calls? I was actually planning on a contract though, but that wouldn’t bother me at all.

That’s quite a shame - guess I’ll have to wave goodbye to my YouTube binges when my WiFi is dead.

Like, there are people that have WiFi points all over Tokyo and they autoconnect as you get near them, giving you a constant data connection? I could see myself paying for that. Are there any caps?


It does seem the update issue seems to have been initially assumed but not the case. It still curiously took O2 much longer to resolve, perhaps a more complex setup.

Given that Ericsson SGSN/MME’s are fairly popular in the market and only a few carriers were affected, I wonder if it was a failure to upgrade software? Perhaps the version used was so outdated it was never expected to be in service so long? Speculation of course, but interesting to consider.


You can only get a contract if you have residency.


Is a working visa considered residency? That’s the route I was planning to take, using their new system of 5 years of working being able to get easier residency for skilled jobs.

Assuming it passes. I haven’t looked into it too much yet.


Yes I believe so.

What’s your field? I can possibly put you in touch with my UK grads who have moved there.


I should have a degree in Cyber Security by 2021-22 (started university this year). My preferred field to go into would be Software Engineering/Development though.



A while to go then!

If you are really interested it’s worth trying to do a year in a Tokyo university, they are generally keen to have foreign students.


I was planning to take masters as well so I wouldn’t be opposed to do my masters in a Tokyo university, especially as it makes it easier to get a working visa as well considering their points system giving extra for having a degree from a Japanese institution :eyes::ok_hand:t2:

But yeah, a while to go


If I had my time again, I’d be there in a flash. Good luck.

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Just wondering why you’d go there - is the IT industry better than what we have here in the UK?


Until you’ve been to Tokyo, it’s difficult to explain. If it appeals, it really appeals.


Personally I’m not liking England very much at the moment.

The whole Brexit thing and the islamophobia that’s present here is really amplified by the amount of Muslims here. Just to clarify I’m not saying they’re the problem, because they’re definitely not. Bigots are the problem, but you can’t change the way that a bigot thinks.

I’d rather live in a country with such a small population for bigots to hate that I don’t have to witness any of it, as it hurts me to see such things.

I also can’t stand our political scene, it makes me feel like my country is truly going downhill.

Big fan of Japanese media as well, and I wouldn’t mind having that on the TV. The healthier lifestyle is also appealing (food, lots of walking, trains). I also desire a conformist society.

As for the IT industry there, I’d like to get a job at Rakuten or perhaps LINE, assuming neither are black companies. (although I know Rakuten have some mixed reports about being one). I wouldn’t turn down a job at amazon either, which have a westernised work ethic.

I also really like the spoken language, it sounds so great.

Tl;dr I just want to settle down in a city where I can enjoy my hobbies without having to jump through hoops and other stigma, while leading a healthy lifestyle. I also like the language.


A good friend of mine is on the board :wink:


After I get some experience and my degree do you mind slipping your good friend my CV :eyes:


From experience, Japan can be exceptionally isolating for non-Japanese, so I would definitely try to go on exchange before committing to taking a job there. People are friendly, up a point, but are known for never really accepting foreigners as anything other than foreigners even when you have been there years.

Great to visit, lonely to live there.


Honestly I’m quite the shut-in here so I’m not sure if that’s any different to how I’m here, but I’ll be looking at doing a masters as the suggestion of Dave.

Wouldn’t this be more common of places with less foreign workers though? I heard the big companies can pretty much import workers as they wish as they’re pretty cushy with the government and have the capital to do visa sponsorship often. As a result the offices can have quite a few gaijin in there. Rakuten certainly make themselves look this way, as do LINE.

I was also under the impression that it’s quite common to not socialise much outside of your industry and hobbies.

Not to try drag this into a colour situation but I’m quite pale and white as well and to my understanding the Japanese quite like white people. (I feel like I’ve opened up a can of worms with this)


This is true. The Japanese are exceptionally polite, but generally you’ll find it hard to penetrate the surface.

I’m fortunate that my team have to be nice to me :slight_smile: