Number of Visits Metric is actually the number of transactions

Currently the Number of Visits on the merchant/ transaction screen does not take into account that a number of transactions can occur at 1 visit (I.e sitting at the pub and buying a number of rounds of drinks).

To help users view relevant information can we set parameters around a visit (I.e all transactions at a merchant in the space of X hours are counted as 1 visit)? This would enable the user to see information such as: I have visited the pub 3 times, and at each visit I spent an average of £x, with an average of £x per transactions.

Let me know if you think this would be a useful addition.


I have just flagged this up as well.

Yes! Would definitely like this. This would be particularly useful for the pub as you say.

I think a better metric would be maybe unique days visited? That’s how we handle this kind of thing in arcade games anyway.

That makes lots of sense, thanks @Jeremy

We need to rethink all that. Even the concept of “visit” doesn’t really apply to certain merchants (I’m looking at you TfL), let alone online merchants :grin:

We’ll work soon a full sprint around search and I’d like to revisit all these stats to provide more meaningful pieces of info, depending on the category different stats may be relevant, etc. We’ll share our thoughts here :slight_smile:

@RichardR - Yes good point, I was tempted to say every 24hours but I guess if you visit s location twice, say for coffee before and after work, would you prefer that to be 2 visits or 1?

@Hugo - Thanks, I’m looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with.

I would prefer the coffee example to be 2 visits - maybe an option to set or it pops up to ask us at the start of the next day?

I think one of the great things about Mondo is not needing to dive in and tweak things all the time.

I think a better option would be to give each visit a ‘lifetime’ of say an hour. Any subsequent payments in that time are part of the same visit, each subsequent payment restarts the hour clock.

I think would give a nice balanced approach where things should fit without a user intervention.


I agree Matty - id favour a simple solution that works 95% of the time rather than the need to customise anything

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I agree with having a simple solution too. An hour is maybe a little bit of a short lifetime though, I was thinking somewhere in the range of 2-4? I’d have to see data to really decide.

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Yeah I think the timings would need some thought and some data analysis. An hour would probably cover places like food/drinks in a bar, but possibly not enough between drinks in a coffee shop. Maybe 2 hours is better, I can only think of edge/occasional cases where I would be at the same place but not purchase more often than that.