Number of Monzo Users

I could potentially see the numbers dropping from 450,000 to 200,000 or so, given the drop off of the “travel card” users, dormant users and those reluctant to get a full bank account.

But I can then see the numbers being restored next year as new users join. Plus there are others I know who were interested in the full bank account but not bothered about getting the prepaid card.

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I’m not sure of the exact figure but it’s around 65-70% of our user base who are either 7 or 14 day actives, ie, there’s been activitiy on their accounts in the last 1 or 2 weeks. Which is quite high in comparison with other fintech companies (or so I’m told).

The biggest encouragement at this stage for upgrade will be the launch of new current account features.


hopefully coming soon :slight_smile: before all new current account users starts saying well is that it :slight_smile:

When are we getting some new features then? :eyes:



Like very soon.

As in… The code already got frozen for the next release :slight_smile:


So… next week for iOS, sometime in 2025 for Android then :stuck_out_tongue:


You are getting as bad as @tristan

Are you allowed to talk about these ‘soon’ features? :wink:

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I prefer to think of it as having learned from the best :wink:

Both iOS and Android will have Pots soon, not at exactly the same time as they are on different release schedules but there won’t be a massive gap either.


Little-known fact: There isn’t a single Monzo employee named Simon. Tom hasn’t been able to figure out who set up the simonb account here and keeps leaking details.



You know I was hoping you could neither confirm nor deny the feature.

I will certainly take pots though :sunglasses:

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Will pots be sole only from launch?

I just had a look at my user number. I’m #0. :blush:

Current accounts at over 200k now

This went a bit under the radar in the end but Monzo’s now hit the 500k mark :tada: :tada: :tada:


So from the previous post in this thread 2 days ago saying current accounts have now exceeded 200k to todays post where you quote a figure of 171.6k was the 200k figure wrong/guess/estimate or did it increase from 171.6k on the 5th (date of the tweet) to over 200k on the 6th (date of the last post in this thread)? That seems a massive increase in 24 hours!

The 171.6k figure was for the end of December.


the 171.6K figure was at some point in december :slight_smile: 23rd - 24th ish

with his finger on the pulse - Alex as always :slight_smile: beats watching the queens speech I suppose

sorry @HoddzDJ was the prolific last updater (?) of the wiki counter


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Yeah that was @HoddzDJ :slight_smile: