Number certification

(Alan ) #1

Hi I had a monzo account but closed it as was due to move abroad but that’s now cancelled ajd wosh ti create a new account and won’t let be certify my number on app despite receiving the codes? Can u help? Thanks


Hi Alan,

The best bet is to email and they can help get the ball rolling for you.

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(Alan ) #3

Thanks, I’m already done that but haven’t received a response

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When? You may have to wait a while for a response.

You can try phoning…

(Alan ) #5

Emailed yesterday and tried calling 5 tones but each time it cuts me off, after the automated part states options as they as they are busy but always says that on every call


Yeah, there phone support is basically non existent. If you emailed yesterday you’ll probably have to wait until at least tomorrow as its the weekend.

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This is because your number is still kept on file from when you originally had your account.

Therefore it won’t allow you to create a new account with the same number because it is “still assigned”.

As others have mentioned there isn’t anything we can do on here but when you do get a reply via email, it is certainly something that Monzo can sort for you :slight_smile:

(Alan ) #8

Been calling 4 days but no answer and replied 4 days ago but no response, worst customer service ever, always automated the cut you off

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Technically you’re not a customer if you left, but I understand it is frustrating.

In app chat is their primary contact for customers and they’re really good there. Once you do get a reply and you’re a customer again I’m sure you’ll have no problems :slight_smile:

As someone mentioned earlier - there unfortunately isn’t anything we can do here to help :cry: so fingers crossed you’ll hear back soon :crossed_fingers: