Now in Labs: See your mortgage in Monzo 🏠

Really nice feature - good work!


This. Seeing such a horrific balance which I’m broadly powerless over as I navigate to a connected account is deeply disturbing.

Perfect opportunity for a toggle to move it to the end of the carousel :grinning:


This is interesting. For me on Android it went to the very end (before the ‘Things you can do with monzo’ card) - which is where it should be really.

Then I noticed… under the ‘Things you can do with Monzo’ card is ‘Add another mortgage’ - so I tapped on it and went through the onboarding - but it seem to report only the same as my initially connected mortgage. I am clearly mortgage-limited here (one only), so can’t test it.

Anyone with multiple mortgages here? Can you connect more than one?

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Can confirm. Same here on Android.

This was so easy to add. No login details needed or anything :raised_hands: :100:


Yes and yes you can.


Nice! :+1:


Not going to be possible though, it’s based on what TransUnion hold about the mortgage. That’s ultimately down to when the provider sends another batch of data through. I don’t think there’s even a design for open banking mortgages and what it should share etc etc

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Bravo, the ease of adding it was just ridiculous, well done. Major pay on the back to the team behind it.

My only complaint/gripe is one that’s been listed numerous times above. Halifax last updated the report 42 days ago according to you, in which time we’ve made 2 payments that are not accounted for, this puts it so far out of whack it’s not useful. The idea stated above to choose what direct debit is your mortgage payment and use that to bring the payment to the right place seems like a very logical and doable solution, assuming you pay the mortgage from your Monzo account.

But we’ll done for the integration, it was so easy it’s impressive


The sign up flow :ok_hand:


Never say never. If ‘never’ happened, the current account, instant transaction notifications via dedicated payment processor, CrowdFunding, Apple pay(!), bills pots, salary sorter, Flex, Dark Mode, Paid-tiers, etc., etc., wouldn’t be here.

Limits always appear (we use a Joint account as the only proper bank account, so I’m used to effin limits)
I continue to believe that the amazing people contributing on this forum help push those boundaries into usable features.



In this case it’s a never though or at least many years away :rofl: open banking is moving at a glacial pace, it’s barely used as it is. I’m sure at some point the banks might look at extending it to cover other products, personally I think we’ll all be pensioners before that happens :upside_down_face::sweat_smile:

Mortgage providers seem happy to use it, to scan all your accounts to make an offer, there’s just nothing going the other way

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There’s this which might give a tiny bit of hope


Also reported as feedback in the app, but it looks like there is a .to_lower or equivalent for the line below the balance for the last update - not upper L and HSBC became hsbc


I’m having an issue with this which is fair enough because it’s labs.

I turn the toggle on got a spinning circle and then it takes me back to labs. There’s no sign up flow or anything.

I’m on latest iOS and latest Monzo app, I had to update the app to see the new toggle.

I’ve fully closed the app and tried again a few times.

Does the option stay switched on after the spinning circle? I think it did the same for me, then I had to restart the app and then the Mortgage option appeared under Do More with Monzo

No it doesn’t

Love this, and I don’t even have a mortgage :cry:

cough can we have this for any other debts/loans that we can manually add cough

Sorry the cough should clear up.


All hooked up and very easy it was too.

Very glad this doesn’t affect the view of your overall balance like Flex does.


Can you imagine?!

I think there’s general agreement on here that a bit of tweaking of balances would be good. I can’t find the post, but someone suggested having sections and total balances for current accounts, savings, debt etc, which seems sensible to me. Then throw in a net worth figure and jobs a good’un!