Now in Labs: See your mortgage in Monzo 🏠

I have absolutely no idea how it all works but it would be very cool if I could do overpayments through the Monzo app to my mortgage.

Unfortunately, the Mortgage integration doesn’t run through open banking, and so I highly doubt this would be possible (reliably). :frowning:

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Alas - this is correct that mortgage accounts aren’t available through Open Banking so it means we can’t do fun things like see a balance or make a payment against it - which is why we’re proud of what we’ve managed without this (and also why no one had ever attempted it before us :sparkles: )!

We do have some ideas on how we could achieve the “make an overpayment” experience :bulb: buuuut one area of uncertainty I have is how we can manage the period of uncertainty between when a payment was made and the 4-6 weeks of when that would be reflected in your credit report (and we wouldn’t see it as a specific extra payment in your credit file).

I really welcome folks’ thoughts on how you’d feel about that!


Issue: I have two properties, with two mortgages. I can see both on monzo. The issue is that the home value for property A (£600,000) shows for both property A and property B.

Property B is valued at £165,000. Whichever property I update, the updated value is pulled through for both properties, which means the equity shown is incorrect.

Details to reproduce: update value for property A, the same value is then shown for property a and property b
Device: IPhone
App Version: 5.58.0


Hi there - now that is odd and not something we’ve seen!

Let me drop you a DM (and if you’re happy to share) for the email address you use for Monzo and I can get one of the Engineering team to take a look at what might be causing this!

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Will Monzo be offering mortgages at some point in the future? I remember it being something that was on the roadmap when I first signed up at the end of December 2018, but if disappeared about a year later with no mention of it since :thinking:


It might be, but as you can imagine it requires a hell of a lot of capital and stuff.

That was more being able to connect you with a broker - I think - I was in some of the research interviews around that etc.

BUT - I think there’s some more stuff coming off the back of the mortgage stuff in the App :eyes: :shushing_face:


Fairly sure they were also hiring someone experienced in home ownership etc so might be on the way eventually.

In the short term - did someone say a major update to our overpayment calculator in the next week or so? :eyes:

Practically speaking, that’s always been me hiding in plain sight! :person_raising_hand:

We have indeed been hiring for a Senior Product Manager to cover ‘Homeownership’ but mortgage experience isn’t a requirement (like we don’t often require banking experience for other roles). Hopefully we can introduce them to the Community over the coming months! :heartpulse:


I think you did … Just then :jack_eyes:


@HB I take it the new overpayments is incoming… Currently getting an error

It’s working here

I have checked and I’ve got the new overpayment calculator page :tada:

Still broken for me, android v5.61

Get an iPhone! :wink:


I shall never surrender! :joy:

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Thanks for letting us know - I’m currently on holiday :palm_tree: but the team know (@gary’s on the case) and doing some investigation!

If needed he might DM you for your Monzo email address if we’re struggling to debug from afar :slight_smile:


Enjoy your holiday!

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Thank you! You can bet that I was still racing to update the app on Monday to see the new calculator land whilst being on the other side of the world!