Now in Labs: See your mortgage in Monzo 🏠

Ooh nice. In the latest app build you can hide or show your mortgage balance



external_mortgages_personalization - cropped up in the latest teardown


It isn’t often these days that I get the opportunity to give you an update before you folks talk about it first!

Over the next couple of weeks - you should see the new way to view your mortgage roll out (we call these a Focus View in Monzo-speak). You’ll now access on the “Home” tab :art:

As most of you will have seen, many teams have been hard at work changing how the app is structured to better support all the other use cases we’ve built over time - like seeing your mortgage!

As well as being cleaner visually, it should help us to be more dynamic in how we show you tools, content and insights!

Good spot - this is going to come in soon, alongside a very exciting new feature! :soon: Mark your calendars for early October!


Don’t tell me you have removed the month and year from underneath the milestones in the timeline??


Thanks for keeping us honest… One of our designs (not what we’ve built) didn’t have them on which I used :person_facepalming:

To prove it - here’s a screenshot from the live app!


I got the message to view my mortgage in focus view, which I now can. I dismissed that card in the carousel, but I can also still see the mortgage in the carousel @HB

Also, am I right that you’ve dropped the progress bar? Not showing up on mine in focus

Also, looks nice in focus :+1:

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:sweat_smile: We covered this in a different thread actually :speak_no_evil: So, you get the benefit of sharing it in this thread first :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry :see_no_evil:

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I was going to say the same, but no point stealing the thunder! :zap:


The question is how much do I want to be the first to break the news on the next feature? :thinking: :newspaper: (thanks for humouring me!)

Correct - we think there’s a better way forward rather than relying on the credit report data as we do today… For instance, I’ve just gone through a remortgage and it went back down to 0%, having been at ~15% with my old lender!

@Yulia - forgive my bad design skills so that we can keep the suspense a little while longer :zipper_mouth_face:


Ahhh, so is this why mine no longer shows the Halifax logo on the home screen :eyes: custom images :tada: I had wondered about that

Can my progress bar be a rainbow, so when it’s complete I’ll own my own rainbow :grin::rainbow:

Even if that’s not an accurate image, exciting

Also intrigued if I’ll be able to go back in time and set the mortgage value from 2005, since I’ve remortgages twice for different values as you say it’s not an accurate picture of the value, only the latest mortgage taken out


I think the “heart” is covering something up :eyes:

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Monzo mortgages inbound.


I can’t think of a company I’d trust less with something like a mortgage tbh.

Sorry but Monzo would not be the one.

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I have recently added my mortgage account so that i can view it in the monzo app. However i have a split mortgage (mortgage with multiple parts). Monzo only detects that i have one mortgage, the app wont let me add an interest rate or term for each but only for one of the total sum of my mortgage. Would be good if it was able to detect the two parts or allow me to manually split and add the data.

Oh that could be to do with how your mortgage provider passes the information to credit reference agencies, mine is split in two and shows as two on Monzo


hi @wranglatang - welcome!

JP - has got it in one :medal_sports: unfortunately this is one of the key limitations of the data we can get, it really depends on how your lender reports it. From what we can tell it looks like a significant proportion of lenders bundle any mortgages on the same property into just the one record on a credit report…

We’ve talked about a number of approaches as a team where we could allow you to manually divide up the balances & terms but that doesn’t feel great, we’d have no real way to therefore keep that up to date. For example - if you had some spare money and made a lump sum overpayment, we’d not be able to detect that and update the correct mortgage part with the updated balance…

It isn’t in our immediate plans to tackle but some of the foundational changes coming through in the next month do set us up better to cater for it in the future! :soon:


Thanks both!! That makes sense, my mortgage provider is not very tech cutting edge!

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Is this the new look up and coming in the next few days then :eyes:

Nothing changed for me so far anyways

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Not for me, I’ve had it a few months… can’t remember if it’s something I opted into though…

I probably have had it too and forgot :man_shrugging:t2: it’s the first time I’ve clicked on the mortgage section and it opened a window on the same screen rather than taking me into the carousel so I was trying to work out if anything else was new.