Now in Labs: An easier way to add money to your account

This is actively being worked on right now. It will be up to Amex to integrate with it on launch though, so expect this to take at least a few months


I’m on a call with Amex pay by bank team soon, I might nag them whilst I’m there


Hi @caribo, First Direct have said to try again, making sure you’re on the latest version of their app. Let us know if this fixes the problem!

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@AndreasH … It’s now worse than it was before :rofl:

When I complete the “set pre-approved limits” screen in Monzo I am passed to the FD app which asks for authentication to confirm the “sweeping payment”. After authenticating by fingerprint in the FD app I am asked a second time for authentication and when I re-onfirm the FD app crashes.

I am using FD v4.19.0 which is the latest version in google play store and was released 27th February, so they have not released a later version as was being suggested…

So it’s not working at all I’m afraid.

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Not sure if this is just an Android thing but it’s working on iOS v4.19.0 of their app.

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May well be Android only. I cleared cache ffrom FD app but the problem persists… It works flawlessly with HSBC though…

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HSBC had the same problem only on Android, they fixed it a couple months ago but it took a couple weeks for the app to actually get pushed to customers so the same may be happening here. We’ve contacted FD regardless just in case, we’ll keep you posted.


Not really sure if there is anything for Monzo folk to do here but have run into an issue with Halifax and VRPs.

I tried to make a £1 test payment in Monzo, from my Halifax account and went through the ‘Set transfer limits’ screen. I left it on the default £1,000 per transfer and £5,000 per month limits. Once I tried to approve in Halifax, my account was immediately frozen and I was told to contact their fraud team.

I have now just been on the phone with someone there who was convinced I was trying to make a £5,000 payment and did not know what VRPs were.


I once tried to transfer some savings from Halifax to Monzo.

I got caught up with the fraud team. They were incredibly rude and dismissive. They seemed to think that Monzo = fraud. They didn’t take kindly to feedback on their tone or way they were talking to me either.


That’s opposite to me.

Tried sending £500 to my Revolut account, the Halifax guy was pretty good about it and just explained about scams ongoing with Revolut and other banks, and the usual is it your account etc stuff.

As with all customer service. Very variable :rofl:

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Would be nice to add Face ID to pre approved transfers