Now in Labs: An easier way to add money to your account

Ermh… How do I cancel a VRP? I can’t seem to find a way in Monzo. Similarly in Barclays there isn’t anything either - the payment permission history there doesn’t have any VRP transactions.

Just linked my First Direct and tried this - all worked perfectly.

I know it’s open banking generally, as opposed to just Monzo, but what a great improvement!


Go to your current account feed > click manage > click pre-approved transfers > you should see a list of any you have set up, and if you click into one, you can then delete it.


After authorising FD within the add money flow, I was led here…

Clicking leads me to Monzo com

Are you on Android? We were aware of an issue with HSBC’s app that caused similar behaviour, and they’ve since fixed it. Could you make sure you’re on the latest version of the First Direct app and try again? If it’s still broken we can get in touch with them.

As an aside, it will probably work if you uninstall the First Direct app to use the web flow.

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I like the manage portion for these payments. As I was able to set up new ones without making a payment.

Interestingly enough I have found one account that allows regular open banking payment but not a VRP.

Testing this more so far I cannot find anything inconsistent between open banking one-off transfer versus VRP transfer.

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I am using Android v5.11.0 and FD v4.18.3, both apps are up to date. I tried twice and had the same result, it isn’t redirecting back to the monzo app.

When I view Open Banking Connections - Sweeping Payments in the FD app it now shows two entries for Monzo Payments, both of which have a start and expiry date of 16 Feb 2023.

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Thanks for confirming, we’ll get in touch with First Direct about this.


My phone would not let me screenshot, bizarrely. I know it prevents it within apps, however, this was from the browser after I had authorised the transacvtion through online banking. Strangely, it did not go via my Santander app, as I had expected it to.

This was the issue I had with Santander.

NatWest have gotten back to us here - they’ve said that you either need to register for a card reader and 2FA in order to be able to authenticate, or enable Biometrics in your mobile app and you’ll be able to approve that way.

Basically it seems they’re erroring because your account has no registered methods to authenticate you and approve this VRP setup.

@Paulw this might be the case for you as well.

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Hi. Thanks. I have Biometrics enabled in the Natwest app already. I’ll have a play around turning it off and on and see if that fixes anything.

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Resetting face id in the Natwest app triggered a new Biometrics workflow and once I’d gone through that, it let me initiate the transfer!


Thanks, I didn’t know there were additional biometric thingies in the app. I’ll take a look. Cheers

Tried to set this up with Lloyds last night and after going through the flow I got a rejected message by Lloyds (I had set the max monthly limit)

Tonight - Lloyds put blockers on my account for fraud concerns which stopped me from logging in.

Had to phone them up to get it sorted, the fraud operations team member said it had come through as a recurring payment at the max monthly limit amount I had set

They removed the blocks but were keen on making sure I knew about possible scams :grinning:


Any update on this @AndreasH ?
I now have seven historic sweeping payments in first direct as it continues to fail every time I try to set one up …

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Hey @caribo, First Direct actually got back to us today with a scheduled fix date of 8th of March, but they’ll let us know when this is ready - you’ll probably need to update your First Direct app on or after this date for it to work.

In the mean time, you might be able to get this to work if you uninstall the First Direct app temporarily and use their web flow to set this up.


Cheers, I’m not in a hurry and I’ll wait for the fix to test the flow out… thanks👏🏼

are you going to enable this in the other direction so I can pay off my amex without having to approve it every time in the monzo app?

It was mentioned earlier tha Monzo have not yet developed the same service on Monzo side, to allow other parties to do sweeping payments like that (I.e. to pull money out of Monzo)