Now in Labs: An easier way to add money to your account

This is amazing.

Now, given that VRFs were originally meant to do funky stuff like sweep the contents of an account to your savings account every month, do you think we’ll have some more interesting options here?

I’m thinking:

  • Move the entire contents on a set day
  • Move a percentage of the balance
  • Create a recurring payment based on a trigger (e.g. you get paid to your HSBC account then you automatically move money to Monzo).

What say you? :eyes:


It now redirects to this forum topic! :tada:

I’ve given this a go! Initial thoughts:

  • A lovely bit of shine would be to automatically refresh the connected account in Monzo once the transfer has happened. It doesn’t do this at the moment, so you can’t see the transfer that you’ve just made unless you manually refresh (or wait).

  • Despite the instructions, I was a bit confused running through the process to pull the money to Monzo. With hindsight, I think it works really well to nudge folk that there’s a better way, but for an initial setup I was confused about whether I transfer the money first or how that all works.

  • I wonder if this can be integrated into the add connected account flow, so that it’s all set up and ready?

  • Something for @giorgio and team, but I’d really like all transfers to be driven from the Payments tab. The Add Money lozenge feels counter-intuitive to me.

  • And one for @emmag and @leepethers: we’re now rapidly approaching feature parity where there’s little you can’t do in the other banking apps that you can’t in Monzo. It would be swell for paying customers to be able to promote a connected account to be up top in Overview, alongside the Monzo accounts. And to be able to hand off to the native apps for things that can’t be API driven yet (like direct debit management).

  • It would also be good to be able to move funds directly into pots (including new savings pots). Even if that’s two entries on the feed, it saves doing it manually.

Now, we just need to get the Open Banking regulations to cover savings (and all other account types) and we’re golden!

Thanks again. There’s so much going on it’s hard to keep up. But keep going!!


PS, maybe one for @giorgio again, but the blue lozenge under the connected account is labelled “Move money” but when you tap into it, it’s called “Add money”.

It’s more than a cosmetic thing because I always want to go there to send money to that account from Monzo.

It feels like an easy win, you have the account number and sort code, after all. But instead you have to go to the Payments tab, find the right payee (or even create a new one) then send the money. When it should be a couple of taps away…


Same thing happened to me. NatWest chucked up the same error.

Quick poll:

Has this worked for you?

  • Yes, Barclays
  • Yes, HSBC
  • Yes, Lloyds Banking Group (Lloyds, Halifax, Bank of Scotland)
  • Yes, Nationwide
  • Yes, NatWest Group (NatWest, Royal Bank of Scotland, Ulster)
  • Yes, Santander
  • No, Barclays
  • No, HSBC
  • No, Lloyds Banking Group (Lloyds, Halifax, Bank of Scotland)
  • No, Nationwide
  • No, NatWest Group (NatWest, Royal Bank of Scotland, Ulster)
  • No, Santander

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Failed with Santander after payment authorised their end. Never returned to Monzo app and crashed.

When viewing the “Pre-Approved Transfers” either in the ‘main’ page or the detailed view of the individual account, unable to swipe back (iOS).

Are you able to show a screenshot/video of this happening? We can contact Santander about it



Should First Direct be on the list of banks supported?

They use the same framework as HSBC and when I log into my FD account they have a section for Sweeping Payments which suggests that they have support in place: -

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I did not expect for this to allow the donor account go into arranged overdraft. However I am not sure if that’s normal or not with regular transfers too. Maybe Monzo does not know about the balance of the other account when such a transfer request is authorised.

Back in the realm of extra gloss: because you can’t choose the reference for these transactions, it would be very cool to be able to add a note to the incoming Monzo transaction at the same time.

Interesting point. Previously, if you tried to do this, you wouldn’t be able to manually authorise the transfer because of lack of funds. At least in my experience anyway.

I would presume that Monzo would go off the available balance and ignore any overdrafts and therefore stop you from making the transfer. Otherwise, that is a very dodgy area.

Perhaps @henryrowett can advise?

All of this! And perhaps also sweeping out the balance down to a pre-defined limit (eg £50)? I like to keep a consistent amount in my Barclays account (after everything else has gone through / out) in case I need to withdraw cash or pay for anything should Mastercard / Monzo go down.


And the reverse! Keeping a Monzo account or pot at a specified value, pulling / pushing money elsewhere if needed!

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I’m not sure it is - we’re talking about an authorised overdraft here. If you initiated that from your other banking app it’d just go through. Or have I misunderstood?

For belt and braces, though, pulling and displaying the current balance - and noting if you’re about to go onto your overdraft elsewhere - might be a nice touch.

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Which may well incur charges. So I agree with your second point really, if it does put you into your overdraft, it really should tell you (perhaps it does?)

Thanks for pointing this out. We’ve tested First Direct and they’re now enabled for VRPs - I’ll update the post.

Let us know if you have any issues with them.


I can see your point but if it’s an authorised overdraft then it’s “your money” to spend as such. If you make a purchase in a store with a £1,000 overdraft I don’t think anything makes a point of letting you know you’re going into your overdraft before you purchase?

It’s the same thing.


It wouldn’t go through straight away, I believe an extra screen is shown with confirmation “this operation will put your account into overdraft with fees, are you sure you want to make this payment?”

However, direct debits do go out and use arranged overdraft.

I guess these VRP are more like Direct Debit.


How funds are made available in your other account isn’t something we can control. If the provider is allowing the arranged overdraft to be used then this will likely be the same behaviour as a single transfer that you approve individually. If that’s not the case then we’ll follow this up.

If the arranged overdraft can’t be used then we’ll get an error to inform us that there is no available balance.

If you let us know which bank you are using then we can confirm the behaviour with them :slight_smile: