Notify When You Support My Sector

As the title says. I want to open an account but Monzo don’t currently support the sector in which I fall. I would like to sign up to some sort of list where I can select my sector and then hopefully get notified if/when it is supported.


Don’t support AKA you’re on the banned list?

No. All of these sectors aren’t supported yet.

  • currency exchanges including virtual currencies, and money services business
  • construction and civil engineering
  • mining and quarrying
  • defence and weapons
  • consumer credit or lending money
  • dating or escort services
  • precious metals and stones (like jewellery)
  • gambling and betting
  • weapons manufacturing and/or selling
  • unlicensed scrap metal
  • unregistered waste management
  • shell companies
  • illegal or unlicensed drugs
  • used automotive vehicles
  • bidding fee auctions
  • regulated or unregulated financial investment, loan, foreign exchange (FX) or banking businesses
  • Selling or making cannabidiol products (CBD), like cannabidiol oil
  • certain types of manufacturing
  • financial and insurance activities
  • public administration and defence, and compulsory social security. That includes things like defence, immigration services, foreign affairs and running government programmes.
  • activities of extraterritorial organisations and bodies. That’s companies like the UN, involved in getting peaceful relations among nations, providing human needs and humanitarian aid, or regulating international trade.

Are we allowed to guess which of those you are in? :wink:

I don’t see why not!

Extraterritorial precious unlicensed scrap mining?

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Is it:


Nope and nope


How did you know!!

But you’re wrong.


1st one currently exchanges blah blah whatever it said :thinking:

Someone at monzo must have got stung by a dodgy 2nd hand car dealer and added it to the list.

What do they have against companies that have defence contracts, could be just phone systems.

That would be incorrect, sorry


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I’m surprised that Monzo doesn’t support :astonished:

getting peaceful relations among nations, providing human needs and humanitarian aid


There’s another one I’m utterly gutted they don’t support too!

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Do you sell sea shells? On the seashore or elsewhere?

Or are you a man that strictly sells dogs in windows? Maybe it’s all to protect you from getting asked how much it costs repeatedly?

I do not

They are £500 each, but keep it between us.

Wow, that’s cheap. Are you running a puppy farm? :face_with_monocle:

Which would in theory fall into this category:

I am not running a puppy farm, nor do I fall into that category.