Notifications Widget

(Christopher J. Sladdin) #1

I’d really like to see Mondo provide a notifications widget as part of the application, which could present a quick card balance and maybe the most recent transactions list or a summary of the day/month’s spending by category. A few legacy banks already offer such widgets so I feel it’d only be right for Mondo to follow suit and, as Mondo always do, make it 1,000x better.

(Caleb Wong) #2

True. Notifications Widget is needed!
Sadly, only Tesco Bank have it currently, right?

(Christopher J. Sladdin) #3

Yes, Tesco bank definitely do it. Not sure of other examples though…

(James Nicholson) #4

Would love to (I think it may even be on the backlog already – but lots to build between now and then). What information would you expect in that widget? What annoyance would it be solving for you?

Talking of widgets, would also love build a Watch complication! :watch:

(Christopher J. Sladdin) #5

Card balance would definitely be something I’d like to see, but also spending by category so I can get a quick glance at my finances without having to open the application. I use the notification today screen a lot when planning my day and going through to-dos, so to have the financial data there as well would make life slightly more productive.

Not so keen on a watch compilation personally (I don’t own one), but I’m sure there are plenty of others who would like to see one.

(Rika Raybould) #6

Not sure how useful category spending would be in the today screen. Today is more for zero interaction display of data that is relevant now (but not notifications). What I’d like to see is current balance and spent today with maybe an option of switching it to the balance minus upcoming bills (like Simple’s Safe to Spend). Those are by far the two most important numbers to have available. Anything else and I should probably be opening the app.

Same with Watch complications and glances, I mostly just need to know how much money I have available right now.

(Danny Smith) #7

I’d love to see current balance and today’s spend.

(Joshua Turner) #8

I agree with current balance and spent today. Pure and simple, straight to the point. Recent transactions can get unwieldily - if you’ve ever used the Amazon notification widget you can see even when you have just two items in your orders list it fills then whole iPhone 5 size screen notification window.

(Hugo Cornejo) #9

I wonder if people would be happy with something like this, where even if the phone is locked someone could peek on your balance…

Balance Overview in Notification Tray
Today Widget
(Rika Raybould) #10

That is exactly what I was thinking of. Those who are not happy with showing balance while locked could simply not add the widget though? iOS does not allow you to modify the Today screen while the device is locked.

(Hugo Cornejo) #11

I guess the question is if regular people know that your notification center is accesible even with the phone locked. We’ll try to give some kind of warning before you turn it on just to be sure.

An alternative is to show you the pulse and spent today. That should be enough to know how well are you doing without exposing the actual balance. We need to work more on it, any suggestions are more than welcome :slight_smile:

(Rika Raybould) #12

My problem with the pulse here is that it works fine up until the end of the month where my account starts running fairly dry. At that point I need to start seeing my balance to decide if I should pull from savings or skip a non-essential purchase. That’s really why I want to see my balance. The Barclays Apple Watch app is fairly good for this in a dumb way (but can take FOREVER to load).

tl;dr: The pulse is great but just not accurate enough for me at low balances.

Maybe what could be done to resolve this is start passively warning on Today/in-app and then actively through notifications and the feed when Mondo predicts that I may not have enough money by pay day or will dip below a safe buffer. Same effect but without displaying the balance when it’s fairly high. I can see why people might not want to show big numbers but being actively aware of the exact balance when it’s getting low is important (to me at least).

(Christopher J. Sladdin) #13

Contrary to @RichardR’s view, I much prefer the look with the pulse graph as I find this the best overview of my spending activity. I agree, however, that there is need to include the card balance somewhere. Could you add this to the pulse graph above where you have “spent today”?

(Hugo Cornejo) #14

@SladdinCJ I think I haven’t been clear enough, apologies.

The idea behind that second concept was precisely to avoid exposing the balance, as a solution for people that may not know that you can access the Notification Center even when the phone is locked.

We’ll prototype all this and see where it take us, I just wanted to play a few rough ideas here :slight_smile:

(Rika Raybould) #15

Don’t get me wrong, I love the pulse and it’s great for most of the month. The pulse just lacks the resolution towards the end of the month for especially students like me who, due to bills, irregular pay schedule and such, have big spikes causing compression of the Y-axis but now have sub-£100 balances on the 14th! I think this says more about my financial situation than the usefulness of the pulse though.

(George Sabourin) #16

Both the mockups look good, but I would personally prefer the balance and spent today. I’d just make sure, as mentioned, have a warning in the app that enabling this would make the balance visible on the lock screen.

(Ross) #17

@Georgesab agreed. Both look good but for me I like the option of seeing my balance :smiley:

(Christopher J. Sladdin) #18

Ah right, I see, thanks for clarifying. As others have mentioned on here, I think the solution here is to warn people about the fact that the balance will appear on the notifications screen, even if you haven’t unlocked your phone. In the which case, I’d still love to see the pulse chart in your second mock-up (along with an added current card balance as previously suggested) as an option should you be happy to display your balance. :slight_smile:

(Josh Carson) #19

Could you go as far as to having a tempreture gauge of your running balance?

Or, just allow people to toggle their balance on and off. Personally, i dont care if anyone sees my (lack of) balance.

(Matt Jenkinson) #20

I vote for the two balance options. It’s not like the widget is displayed automatically. Maybe an option for both. Having experienced Barclays balance-gauge, it’s really useless to tell me what I have and what I’ve spent