Notifications show more then what actually occurred (iOS 12 Beta on iPhone 8)


This bug is really starting to annoy me. Feels like it’s been weeks!

Great to here you’re working on it @Rika

(Starling Guru) #42

Outlook seems to be displaying total notification fail as well, the banner shows but not the number bit.

(Jack) #43

The outlook app on Android is the worst app for notifications. If your phone has been off while you’ve had 50 emails come through it will play the notification sound 50 times :rage:

(Andy) #44

Has this been fixed on iOS 12 B4? I can’t tell yet and not mentioned in release notes

(Starling Guru) #45

I’m updating now

(Starling Guru) #46

Notifications still not fixed on BETA 4

(Lillia Bolton) #47

I still having this issue too, been going on for a few weeks. Rather frustrating. Im now up to 18 as a standard for 1 transaction

(Lancelot Payne) #48

It’s becoming a bit of a pain now as well it was all fine before then I got hit with the bug started with two but now it’s jumping between 4 or more notifications for one transaction I hope this gets sorted out soon.

(Daz Fisher) #49

It’s Beta!

(Andy) #50

Anyone using public beta or dev beta can use the feedback assistant app on iOS to report bugs to them. You can also report via

(Starling Guru) #51

I have done so although @rika did say this was also down to the app.

(Rika Raybould) #52

The one being referred to here is a bug in iOS itself that we have no control over and affects other apps too so it would be good to file bugs with Apple for this particular one. :+1:


I’ve got this bug even though I’m still in iOS11 and I don’t use coin jar or IFTTT.


I’m on 11.4 and still get this bug

Maybe it’s annoying me more than it should but I find the 15+ notifications after single transaction incredibly frustrating :joy:

(Toby Toller) #55

Yep 11.2.6 and also have this bug :bug:

(Hugh Wells) #56

There are fixes to resolve the root cause of this, hopefully :slight_smile: It should get better in the next few weeks

(Martin Hickman) #57

This has has to be my biggest annoyance at the moment. I always have 4 plus what ever genuine transactions have taken place. Still it’s better then the graph, which doesn’t real do anything other then go up and gradually down every month. Using Monzo as my main bank and a joint account, so still happy.


Every time after single transaction I got a red bubble notification with number 3
For 2 transactions - 4

(Andrew Ross) #59

With Coin Jar on you will get two notifications for each transaction. Do you also have an IFTT recipe action for each transaction?


I have Current account, coin jar, holidays pot… no IFTT…
I spend £15… no additional transfer to coin jar