Notification to move money from pot when payment declined


Not sure if others do the same but I like to use pots to split up my money and budget myself on a weekly basis. However this isnt a strict thing, it just helps me not over spend.
As a result I dont always have money in my main account and a payment may get declined but I know I have money to spend.
My suggestion is that when a payment is declined and you get a notification telling you that, you can click it, open the app and then it will show you all your pots that have enough money in to cover your purchase. You can select the pot of your choice and it will move the payment amount into you main account ready for you to attempt your payment again.
Hope this doesnt sound too complicated for a simple task, but it would just be 2 taps on your phone and you can make your purchase.


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When I first heard about pots as a feature, this is exactly how I saw it working so was surprised to learn that it wasn’t. It makes perfect sense. +1 on this feature request!



This is a great idea… not sure how practical it would be in an area with a bad signal though…

Another suggestion I’ve thought of is for to have an emergency threshold, say £20 so if something did decline, as long as you had £20 somewhere else, i.e in a pot… the payment would go through on the understanding that money was then taken from a pot to cover it… obviously subject to sufficient funds in the pot in the first place…


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I like it. Maybe even have a dedicated pot for that purpose, if choosing another pot in the settings is going to get too messy. We could put £20 or whatever in that pot and it’s sole purpose is to do this job. Would save those awkward moments where you have to start transferring money between pots on your phone at a checkout.


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And if there isn’t enough money in a pot, what then? What if the only pot with money in it is locked?

I’d save myself the hassle of this and, I dunno, check the app before I purchase something that I think might take me over my limit? I don’t think auto moving money from pots is a solution, it’s too prone to too many variables.

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Yeah this is a good point.

Instead of Monzo assuming how I’d like to cover the difference I’d rather choose myself. I might want to transfer some money from my personal account to my joint account or vice-versa?

I’d therefore find the popup annoying because I’d have to dismiss it to do what I wanted.

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This is another one of those scenarios where it appears simple on paper but to to code it up could be quite complex. You’d have to take into consideration different types of pots (locked, savings, ISA etc) as well as which pots are eligible to cover the amount.

Then what if it is a pre-auth where they only request £1 :exploding_head: