Nothing (tech startup)

Has anyone here seen much (or invested in) Nothing?

It’s super vague about what it actually is, but is founded by Carl Pei (who left OnePlus last year). They also just taken Monzo’s record for the quickest / largest fundraise on Crowdcube:

(And it seems like that’s answered my questions. Earphones. Dull.)

One interesting thing, though - I hear they’re allocating a seat on the Board to the Community. (TS - I’m waiting for your call! :phone:)

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From their blurb…

“…The company says Concept 1 takes inspiration from a grandmother’s tobacco pipe…”

Now THAT’s a strap line :grin:

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I’m interested given the talent involved. They’ve got Teenage Engineering designing the headphones I think.

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Crowdfunding Bubble Klaxon :loudspeaker:


Sounds like a complicated anagram :grin:

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I invested a small amount to get a keyring :grinning:

This does have a whiff of the dot-com bubble about it, I think.

You have to wonder where all these companies with vague aspirations, that have never generated a profit and probably never will, are going to hit the wall with an almighty thud. There’s a lot of liquidity looking for places to go, but not enough customers to keep them all afloat.

At least with the dot-com bubble you could have cashed out before the collapse, but with crowdfunding you can’t. The money’s gone.