Not recognised transaction

I have noticed different gambling transactions that I haven’t made from Ladbrokes so I turned on the block of this kind of transactions but yesterday Sky Bet tried to take the money. Now I freezed my card but I’d like to use it without any of these problems. I never gave my card number to anyone so it should be impossible to have any transactions. It’s not a virus because I have an antivirus installed on the phone. What can I do for solving definitely the problem?

You are best to speak to the in app help, or email

Good luck sorting it out :slight_smile:


Urgently freeze your card then contact Monzo using in app chat - flag it as urgent.

If you don’t have a response within a few minutes, give them a ring.


Already freezed after the first transaction

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Yeah, good plan - As soon as you see a transaction that you don’t recognise, it’s best to freeze the card and speak to customer service.

Whilst you may not have given your card number to anyone - It could have easily been clocked by someone, or a website you may have used it on might have been compromised.

If either of those are the case, Monzo will cancel your card and send you a new one.

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Just because you have an antivirus doesn’t mean you don’t have malware. Antivirus won’t block anyone that actually knows what they’re doing.

The malware can also be not just on your phone but on any other device you entered your cars details into (laptop, tablet, etc) or any device that has any kind of access to your phone (so if you plug your phone into your compromised laptop to charge it, the attacker can exploit this to also get the malware on your phone).

It’s impossible because I haven’t started to use it, as I said no one has my card number.

Did you ever enter your card number & CVV into any computer or phone?

No because I am waiting to receive my wage for starting using it.

Let us know how you get on with customer service :+1:

Have you used the card at all? It could have been skimmed at an ATM or a compromised chip and pin device.


I haven’t use it yet.