Not eligible for Joint account - Monzo investor, premium payer and early adopter

Hey @Benjamin1971

I’m so sorry about the experience you’ve had, this definitely isn’t a great experience. Hopefully you’ve been able to log a complaint through the chat, if not please let me know and shoot me a DM, and I’ll help as best as I can.


I do!

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Now tap on that button and see what happens…


Sad face


As was prophesied.


The more I look at that screen, and think about the feedback we’ve heard from the topic about updating your personal details, I think that Monzo could do with having a think about their approach to writing.

A lot of Monzo’s copy is excellent. But lots isn’t. And there’s a bias towards tone of voice (and quirks like “frauded”) instead of to clarity.

In this example, I’d pull out three things:

  • The heading is padded. Why say “we can’t let you” - why not just say “you can’t apply for a joint account right now”?

  • The copy below the heading doesn’t add anything. In common with the feedback we’ve heard up-topic, the text suggests that the problem is a Monzo one, not a customer one. The lack of specificity and no call to action makes the reader feel impotent and frustrated.

  • It raises expectations. The screen suggests that Monzo will let you know when (not if) this changes - but there’s no sign-up button or consent mechanism to be contacted proactively to know when things change. It suggests, to me at least, that this might be a something that will be fixed in fairly short order by Monzo. Which may or may not be true.

I think my wider critique of the Monzo tone of voice is that it works excellently when accompanied by facts and helpful information. When there’s bad news (your account is being closed) or when the copy is pretty nebulous (as here) it can potentially come across as a bit patronising or as having (faux) sentiment but lacking any useful information.

I’d go as far as to say that some better writing here would have negated the whole need for this topic, and for support chats from frustrated customers wondering why Monzo doesn’t want them as customers.


This sort of wording has always bothered me. When companies use can’t in place of won’t. I get the psychology behind it, but to me it reads as a lie and it rubs me the wrong way. Your wording would be much better.


If I guessed that you had more than zero contacts in your phone’s contact list AND that you had the Monzo ‘Payments with friends’ set to ON (in Privacy & Security), would I be right?

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i dont suppose this would affect it but those who cant apply do you have any thing else with monzo , such as flex , loans ect , is it your main account ?

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I’ve got flex and an overdraft (it’s my main account at this moment). Not eligible for loans because they can’t detect my income.

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Then the only initial criteria at the point where you hit the ‘Open’ button has been met.

Meaning once that request hits the server, server says no. Which means that a process (AI/Human) has decided that you can’t have a JA. And that’s not personal but your account has been labeled, along with many others it seems, for some reason, into the server-says-no group. And it’s that unknown reason which makes no sense.

I suspect - as it has been said before - that Monzo is really throttling the number of JA’s that can be opened. Possibly down to none at some stage. And as I don’t really see Monzo limping along with a limited number of users with a disjointed JA the way it is, the only outcome of that would be the ultimate demise of the :monzo: Joint Account or hopefully a rebuild & relaunch of :monzo: JAv2


I suspose me being in that no group adds credibility to the theory it’s plus users that can’t have one?

Haven’t followed the thread to really know what’s going on! I’m only here because @Revels tagged me :joy:

In all honesty, the alternatives they suggest are what I already use for shared banking things like bills. Would be even better if I could just share my bills pots with the housemates who contribute to them so they can pay directly into it.


Yes. It all seems very odd. I’d be surprised if they ditch it as they’re still opening some joint accounts, but the criteria seem perplexing.

As for the “risk profile” comments, what is the additional risk to Monzo? They don’t offer J/A overdrafts, and it’s almost impossible to get into unauthorised overdraft territory.


Perhaps it’s a result of all the people we see on here wanting joint accounts with their uni friends and such. It’s all too much hassle for Monzo to sort it out when it goes pair shaped :sweat_smile:

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Is that actually a thing people do? My paranoia just would never accept that due to trust issues along with the fact your friend could spend everything you have in there.

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its actually interesting to see just how many people still use or want joint accounts , i remember it being a big thing in my mum and dads time in the 70s and i actually still wondered if people still used them , i suppose it saves arguments with who pays for what , i just send a lump sum each pay day to my partner who uses santander lol , but then we are both in the high side of 50s and 60s so not a typical monzo customer , whilst not a fan boy of monzo im still happy with my account as it and our set up works for us , as i would imagine a joint account with monzo would for those who wanted one but bizzarely cant get one

edit to add payday rather than each day as that would just be crazy lol

Yep, we’re in our 40s/50s, together almost 30 years and married almost 20*. Uni friends? Madness!

*Try before you buy :grin:


Yep. Lots of topics on here.

People don’t understand the financial connection it creates and the implications of it. They think it’s just a convenient way to manage shared expenses with someone.

I believe there is a screen now in the application process that (hopefully) helps explain it.


We each pay a lump into the joint account and any shared expenses and household bills are paid from there. It keeps our personal accounts neat and tidy allowing each of us to budget accurately too.

I use my personal account for things like my motorbike payments and coffee most mornings. Things my partner doesn’t care about and would certainly grumble (and rightly so) about paying for :sweat_smile: