No top up/load option?

I’ve just started using my Monzo (Starling also). Coming from Weswap and Revolut I assumed the Monzo would have a top up/load option to add money instantly from your main bank account. Instead I need to log into my bank and transfer money each time. Bit of a pain especially with Barclays as I need to add my CCV and expiration date everytime.

I was quite disappointed it didn’t have this option unless I am missing something.

Revolut was just a click of a button within the app.

Please advise if I am doing something wrong. Maybe this is designed with the intention of encouraging clients to move their salary/larger amounts into Monzo?


As it turns out, Monzo no longer offers top-ups via debit or credit card, or Apple Pay. It was proving to be quite a cost to Monzo.

You can top up the account by having your salary paid in, sending a cheque, paying in cash, or by sending a faster payment from another bank account.


This was done some time ago, see here:



Really? I’ve transferred many times from Barclays and never had to do this. Account number and sort code the first time and then it remembers it


CCV is a card transaction, not a bank transfer?

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Thanks I will try that. First time set up and transfered. I’ll try using the saved contact again.

Once that the payee is set it takes less than 20 seconds to log in and transfer. :smiley:

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In the app pay and transfer > pay a new or recent payee

I get the confirmation from Monzo before Barclays have given me the approved message normally

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Thanks for all the quick responses. I understand from the link that it was costly for them. I moved over from Weswap and Revolut because of the Joint Account options.


Testing the exchange rates between Revolut, Monzo and Starling yesterday I see Revolut was a little lower than Monzo and Starling. (mastercard rates but tweaked a little I assume to make a tiny margin on each transaction). Maybe that is why they have the top up button - costs you in the end.

Think it’s more the number of revenue streams Revolut have

There rates of all 3 are very similar

Revolut offer the interbank rate for currency exchange in their apps, which is a slightly better rate than the Mastercard rate which Monzo uses.

Revolut also add a 1% fee to the interbank exchange rate at weekends.

NB: not sure if Revolut give you the interbank rate if you by something in a foreign currency using GBP.

I’m using them for a non-supported currency so it uses the mastercard rates straight from my GBP balance for all cards I understand.

Yesterdays rates:

£1 = 45.559 Revolut
£1 = 45.8661 Starling
£1 =45.890 (says: not final and will settle in a few days? odd) Monzo

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