no sms received so now what?

Tried to open an account from my mobile (UK number )
and YES i did enter the correct number.
No SMS arrived.
Tried twice. Is this a reliable bank ? Not a good start is it ?

It can take a while for SMSs to arrive , how long have you waited?

Can you try sending a message from another number on a different network if possible to yourself to confirm if your SIM is working.

Monzo use SMS now? When I signed up they used email, iirc

They need to verify the number when you sign up

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Status page says everything is working

Texts aren’t always instant, providers can be overloaded, glitches on there end can slow delivery down.

I did test my number via a different phone and sms arrived instantly. The sms never arrived! Ive tried twice now to set this up. Monzo not good… conclusion a sms is lost. So how would my savings do…

Yes, a missing SMS from an automated system clearly implies Monzo will be up to all kinds of dastardly schemes with your hard-earned savings, should you ever open an account. It’ll no doubt be spent on posh biscuits for the office. Best not to bother.


i wont. i cant ! no sms. lol

Oh well you’ve dodged a bullet then


Are you using a Samsung phone by any chance?

iphone 6s

They can get delayed sometimes - I didn’t get any from Halifax when I tried to log in but they all came through the next day.

2 days so far …

Can I ask are you located in the UK? I ask this as you mention it is specifically a UK number you used which is irrelevant if you live in the UK as you would expect it to be a UK number.

Monzo does have a number of measures in place to stop bank accounts from being opened outside of the UK and one of those measures could result in not sending out the confirmation messages etc.

If you are within the UK, I think it would be best to email to check whether they can enlighten you on the issues. Technical issues can occur from time to time with any banks.

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You could also Consider JPMorgan / Chase UK Discussion - Financial Chat / Fintech Chat - Monzo Community, as they’re opening up in the UK

IF you can’t get Monzo to work

Ive been a Chase customer in the USA , in the past, and i simply cannot see any reason to want to be part of a US Bank in the UK - is it just for novelty? I m now with Starling Bank since Monzo cannot commuicate with me, and delighted. Ironically I cannot seem to leave this Monzo Community - they dont give you a button to leave this group. Trapped in Monzo community hell lol. Best of luck,.

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Just ask @AlanDoe or @cookywook to delete your account

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And close this thread since it’s pretty unproductive now.