No. of days left in month

hi. I might be going mad (quite likely) but I appear to have lost info on each account heading saying how many days there are left to go this month?! was I imagining it?

Do you mean you’ve lost the Summary icon at the top-right on each Monzo account display? Or that the Home display has changed totally and you no longer see ‘Left-to-spend’ under the account card?

Either way… there’s no outcome that you’ll like… they’re both on the way out.

must have been ‘left to spend’. I liked that! booooooo

The left to spend spotlight shows how much you have left and the number of days remaining…

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I miss it too.

And it’s available via Trends with a little messing too:


If you swipe down from the Home Screen you should see options for Spotlight.

While not the same format it still gives you similar data to rely on.

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cheers, didn’t know that was there

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You can scroll across and edit what you want to see there too, which corresponds with Trends.