No cash came out of atm but charged me

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Monzo are saying it takes 8 weeks to get my money back when an atm never released it it’s 120 pound but on this forum it says 7 days


It can be a bit hit and miss from what I’ve seen. The behind the scenes claim can take weeks but when this happened to me Monzo gave me the money straight back with the caveat that if the claim was unsuccessful they take the money again. I’ve seen others where this hasn’t happened though :neutral_face:

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They didn’t even offer that to me

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It can take a while, especially for that much.

I’ve only had it happen once, but it was only £5 so Halifax just returned it right away. I guess the risk was low.

£120 is a bit more though so will likely need investigating.

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That seems to be them raising this as a dispute against a payment instead of against an ATM transaction. I’d just go back and get the to clarify that this is definitely for disputes of non-payment from an ATM.

Also, I thought Monzo tended to refund on the first instance, and then claim it, then reclaim the money if it’s a fraudulent claim.

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There should be a blog post on this I think; comes up semi-regularly.

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Hi, I think it usually takes around a week, but could take 8 weeks officially, so that’s why they’ve told you the 8 week figure.

How it works is they have to manually check the balance in the ATM to see that your money didn’t come out, this doesn’t usually take too long.

Hope you get sorted.


The reason it seems like they’re not on your side is because this is the novice fraudster’s oldest trick in the book. For every person who genuinely sufferered from getting short changed by an ATM there are dozens of people who spent it on drugs, lottery tickets or the 3.30 at Kempton and then try to say the money never came out.

Even if the bank refuses a refund the person making the claim can still tell themselves and their significant other that the ATM was faulty and not that they blew the food budget on a whim.

For the person who said Monzo credited them back straight away with the caveat of taking back if the claim failed - they must have had a long and solid account history vs a tiny amount withdrawn. If you have a shorter account history and a larger amount like £120 there is no way they are going to credit it to you as they will be fully aware that most people who say they have been wronged by the machine are lying.

I actually work in the ATM industry and whilst it happens that the cash often gets jammed when dispensing, there are many safeguards to ensure that the right amount comes out and customers aren’t wrongly charged.

You will often receive a refund automatically within 7 days as most machines will get the authorisation but not present for the amount when it’s not been dispensed. If it isn’t refunded by 7 days then Monzo needs to query the ATM provider who will check if the ATM had a positive variance and then refund you.

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@rarther That’s making point. I think the ATM all have surveillance device can count how much money has been withdrawal. I think the ATM provider will count how much money out every day and if it doesn’t meet they will automatically investigate it?


We’ll refund the first ATM non dispense up front, and we’re not required to do so.

Subsequent ATM non dispenses, and goods and services disputes are not refunded up front. We wait until Mastercard review and advise us of their decision.

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It’s worth noting the message says ‘Up to 8 weeks’, not that you won’t get anything back until 8 weeks are passed. It’ll likely be much quicker. I once walked away from an ATM and left £50 in it. It was a quiet area so I wasn’t worried someone else would have taken it, just that the machine probably took it back. I called TSB and explained and they said they’d investigate but it could take two months, but i got the money back about a week later.

Weirdly I did the same thing again two weeks later (a friend walked past and said hi while I was standing at the ATM so I turned and had a chat and forgot all about it!) and it was the same again. Only two times I’ve ever done it in my life and they were so close together.

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Are you not insured for cash losses. Most contents insurance will cover you for up to £500. And it will be quicker than a bank investigation.

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It was the last of my money till Monday so hope it’s fast like

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Is that regardless of the amount? If this one hasn’t been refunded can we assume this isn’t the first time the OP has requested this?


It is regardless of the amount.

Can’t discuss specifics :zipper_mouth_face:

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Think I might need to withdraw £400 or so… :wink:

Darn secrecy.