Nintendo Switch - n00b questions

Nope it’s part of the game you go to the area where it shows the vault and stuff and it will be there or the green bit on the menu that says adventure.

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Got it, thanks. Unlocked a new fighter but can’t see how to use it?

Any other adventure/fighting games you suggest?
Splatoon looks good, so does yooka laylee and the impossible lair
Is it best to buy the physical game or get it electronically from the built in nintendo store?

Currently playing through the Pokèmon’s on my switch finished Sword now doing Shield so if that’s something you enjoy could try that, Splatoon is great fun especially when you have a full team as well ^_^.

OK dude thanks

On world of light how do you change your characters?

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You play through the story and gradually unlock them but at the beginning you start with Kirby so you have to get a bit further you can’t change straight away as it’s part of the story to use Kirby.

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It said I unlocked a pokemon but can’t see it. Stuck with kirby lolz
I found the " fighter" selection menu

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Also in terms of electronically or physical it all really comes down to preference I like having the physical copy as once I’m done I can let a friend/family borrow it were as with the digital copy it’s tied to your console and account.

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Cool, finally got Mario

Think the best way to find games I like is watching the compilation videos on YouTube " best games for switch" sort of things so I can see gameplay before buying

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Definitely worth watching reviews and just seeing the gameplay for sure but sometimes it’s good to just go with games you know of and will like as at the end of the day you’re the one playing them :blush:.

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Thanks dude

When downloading demos and games how do you store them on the SD card?

Ah right you have to archive them and then re download, that’s odd

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It should automatically go onto it if you’ve got the card in the console no need to archive it.

Got splatoon 2 just getting used to the controls, couldn’t get the hang of the motion sensor so turned that off

Loving splatoon 2. Got to the third island and now starting the online play which Is awesome, so fun and not frustrating like other games.

Any other games you guys recommend?

Splatoon 2 is brilliant!

Honestly a lot of Nintendo’s first party stuff is first class on Switch, especially Breath of The Wild. I spend most of my time jumping between Pokémon Sword and Smash Bros. Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee is by far my favourite Pokémon experience though. For third party stuff, I really liked Octopath Traveler, but that’s probably not for everyone.

Be careful though, you’ll end up filling that SD card faster than you might think! :sweat_smile: