Night out

(Jakub Koudela) #1

Currently on night out and find out that monzo can help with girls.

1 - wow your card is really bright what is it?

2- look what happens once I pay (show her notification bar)

2 girls interested so far haha


Smartphone banks are the new sexy? Lmao

(Dawid) #3

It will really be a 21st century when a working pickup line will be not how much money one has on the card but how well designed and flashy it is haha

(Thomas Welton) #4

Buying a girl a drink at the bar and then sending them a request to bill split
Bill Splitting 1

Going Dutch in the 21st Century.

(Marta) #5

You might be joking, but I’d actually dig that as a woman. I believe in bill splitting on dates or any social events. If my date had monzo it would make it a lot less awkward. Problems usually arise when someone pays with card and I have cash or the other way around. It’s ok in pubs when you can simply buy next round, but I can’t imagine buying ‘next round’ 3 course meal in restaurant. :smiley: