NFC tags

So……. I’ve recently rediscovered NFC tags for iPhone and you can programme them etc from your iPhone as well as reading them. So far these seem amazing.

However how safe are they? I’ve read online that you can do stuff like read other NFC tags with your iPhone and export the data to a new NFC.

I’ve also read on some websites you can use NFC tags to make purchases for you as a contactless payment. (Obviously I’m not going to try this)

I know there are features such as lock an NFC tag (to stop it being reprogrammed) and you can even password protect tags.

But what about things like hotel keys? Can these theoretically be used to clone hotel keycards too? :flushed: I’m not sure if the password is to stop you writing to the tag or you need a password to view the tag. So I imagine these sort of tags for doors etc would have some kind of security feature on to prevent this?

It seems apple could have potentially opened up a whole can of worms if this happens.

Wouldn’t hotel keycards also have priority encryption on them that should prevent straightforward reading/reprogramming with off-the-shelf requirement?

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I mean I guess you could clone hotel keys potentially but I doubt iphone gives low enough access to do it.
I am not sure what you would gain?
You clone a guests key but you need their room number, all the systems usually log access and when the key is remade it would be trivial to use a different authorise access key so even if you cloned as soon as the guest checked out the door wouldnt work.
There are probably additional protects but given NFC has been around for years and YEARS and this has not popped up I wouldnt expect it to be a worry.

Apple is the last to let you do this, android could do it for ages and I have a PC device for making NFC tags I bought in 2012, this really isnt an issue.