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Here’s a short interview with @Jonas (Monzo’s CTO) covering which is particularly worth reading if you’re thinking about apply for a role as an Engineer at Monzo, as he says

I’ve interviewed almost 500 engineers over the past six months

The interview covers:

  • His role & what his average day looks like

  • The professional and personal skills that someone needs for this role

  • The most important moment in his career so far & why

  • The trend, behavior or technology on the horizon is going to most affect his role

One of the most important trends that we’re seeing in computer-based jobs is the move towards remote working.

We want to hire and retain the best people in the world and – statistically speaking – only about 0.1pc of the tech talent that we’re looking for live in London. Not everyone is able to relocate.

  • The biggest misconception about his role

  • The person, place, or thing that has really influenced his role

  • His description of being a CTO in three words

Make everything better.

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