📰 The rapid rise of banking app Monzo - The Telegraph

Here’s an interview with Tom that was published today in The Telegraph.

Unless I’m overlooking something, there’s no news here but it’s a good overview of his background & where Monzo’s got to, with quite a strong focus on the business, as opposed to Tom -

The highlights for me were -

More details about his background, including the name of the dating app that he worked on with Jonas, in case anyone wants to Google it :eyes:

Career: Management consultancy firm OC&C; co-founder GoCardless; head of growth at dating app Grouper; CTO Starling; co-founder Monzo

The fact that Starling had just over a year’s head start vs Monzo - which makes me wonder where a Monzo will be, compared to them in a year’s time..

Having been founded in February 2015, Monzo launched an early version of its app to around 3,000 members of the public in October of the same year, before launching a beta version in March 2016. It now has 324,000 users. Starling, by contrast, was founded in January 2014 and only released its first product in March of this year.

And it was cool to hear that while at Y Combinator, entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerburg & the Airbnb founders would stop by..


That is interesting o.0
Thanks for posting ^^

Just read this, and one of the standout quotes for me was Tom saying:

“We chose the name ‘GoCardless’ because we wanted to replace Visa and Mastercard and build a really significant company.”

Could we see Monzo one day try and bypass the MasterCard and Visa networks? Maybe with their excellent design and development skills, Monzo will be the bank to popularise Pay by Bank. :thinking:


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