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More Monzo :heart: from The Telgraph today -

Is this the greatest travel accessory you’ve never heard of?

It has also proved significantly cheaper than using my normal bank cards. In Rome last month I made two withdrawals of €100 from a cash machine using the cards, one immediately after the other. Using my Monzo card, the app immediately showed a provisional debit of £86.78, which was later revised down to £85.84. Using my First Direct current account card, which uses the Visa system, I was charged £85.98. First Direct also billed me a 2.75 per cent “non-Sterling fee” of £2.36, and an ATM charge of £1.75. In all it worked out nearly five per cent more expensive than the Monzo card.

Other transactions – at restaurants, hotels etc – paid for on my First Direct credit card were not subject to the ATM fee, but did attract the 2.75 per cent charge. When I used my Monzo card to buy things, however, there was no such charge.



It’s a terrible name and, as it happens, the card is a terrible bright pink colour.

I assume that when he says terrible he actually means wonderful. :slight_smile:


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