📰 Interview with Eduard Schikurski - DevMic

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Here’s a newly published interview with Eduard -

Eduard Schikurski is working on the next generation of business operations systems at Monzo, a young London-based startup with the mission to build the best current account in the world. He wants to push the boundaries in terms of how technology can enable and support a highly scalable and agile customer-centric organisation.


It covers:

  • His background and your company story
  • What he’s building in Monzo
  • How Monzo’s innovating the backend compared to regular banks
  • How important is it to use realtime in online banking?
  • Does Monzo use bots or AI? How he integrated them into the app.
  • His favourite tech stacks and why
  • The best and worst advice he ever received
  • What other developers inspire him

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