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It’s nice to see a vote of confidence in Monzo from someone from Curve :slight_smile:

Curve co-founder Tom Foster-Carter is joining Monzo. As of Monday, he takes up the role of COO at the digital-only challenger bank, with some aspects subject to regulatory approval.

it is interesting to note that both Curve and Monzo — and almost every other recent consumer fintech play — are aiming to become the single convergence platform to help you manage your money via a central UI that connects to all of the other financial services you use. However, the difference in product strategy (or how they’ll get there) couldn’t be greater.

Radical Openness - interview with Monzo's COO Tom-Foster Carter 📻

Am I the only one who finds this a bit concerning? For me curve is completely uninspiring after they messed up their relationship with amex, plus it failed so often I ended up carrying my other cards anyway. Both operational problems.

The card sits in a drawer now. I don’t want Monzo to go the same way…

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Given the implications of using Amex with Curve, I’m not surprised that Amex made Curve cards incompatible with Amex cards, they’d have been crazy not to.

They use GPS as their processor too :grimacing:


I have used Curve in various countries and never had a problem despite transactions in varying currencies and on various banks cards.

My friend has Monzo prepay, Monzo current account, Starling and other newish banks and says he has had no problem, so maybe you just unfortunate


Unless they are seriously incompetent, you’d expect the vast majority to have no issues. But the test of a company is how they deal with the problems that arise - and they failed for me.


Yes, you are probably the only one! It’s a very clever addition to the team. I think we should be mindful that he will probably be reading this thread so it should be a welcome aboard thread rather than a “curve is lame” thread!

Although I agree curve is lame, we have all worked for lame companies and that does not make us lame, does it? :thinking:


There’s a difference between working for a lame company and founding it though?


I dunno, Tom Blomfield seems to have founded a couple of howlers and he talks about them fondly as part of what made him who he is today.

Curve found a loophole with Amex and Amex closed it - that doesn’t mean Tom Foster Carter didn’t do a good job in his role. Anyway Curve is widely seen as a massive fintech success story and the founders will be sitting on massive paper profits (note big Santander investment round recently) so while we may think Curve is a crap idea and has failed at what it was trying to do, many people think it is still a great prospect.

The fact that he has seen the hot coral writing on the wall and decided to move and the fact he has impressed the powers that be at Monzo to put him right in at the top makes me really excited about his appointment.


Curve has not failed at what it was trying to do. It solves a need and enables you to use multiple cards on one card, and it gives you points when you spend in Halfords etc. Don’t let all the disgruntled Amex users convince you otherwise. Curve does what it does. Amex however have just pissed off some of us and made us ditch our cards.

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