New Zealand interview

Nothing ground breaking but was googling to find out if Australia and New Zealand are real (don’t ask), and I found this interview with Fred Morgan and Beatrice Borbon


Did you come to a conclusion?


Yes, conspiracy theorists are crazy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Which way are you leaning? Because I’m 100% certain both those places exist.


I wanted to see if there was compelling evidence they didn’t. There wasn’t.

My own fault for reading The Mirror

Wow, I’m not even going to bother watching/reading that. Tempting as it is to find out where the hell it is they think I went.

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It was never there. It was an invention to cover over the fact convicts were thrown overboard. The cover up has been going on ever since


I’m sending this to every antipodean I know. Amazing.


Do you know any one that has actually been to Australia? If they claim they have (or are from there) are you sure they aren’t in the cover up conspiracy?


[My Mum claims to be from New Zealand but says she can’t remember any specifics of it, only has ‘generic’ house pictures in black and white etc so I think she may be on the conspiracy]

What I love about these conspiracy theories is that any proof you have to show that they’re stupid, they can just dismiss as part of the hoax. It’s hilarious and amazing.

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