New words that you have added to your standard lexicon

Yesterday I learnt the word “dimwot”. I believe it to be either a misspelling of the word “dimwit” meaning a stupid or silly person or perhaps a minor adjustment of the original word. When researching it, this forum was the 8th Google result - so it’s certainly a little used word.

I’m adding it to my lexicon.

Other words I remember becoming aware of in recent years that I now use regularly are “juxtaposition” and “conflate”.

What words do you remember learning or becoming more aware of in adult life that you now use regularly?




Emailuge (like deluge)

Receiving so many emails at the same time about a similar topic that any sane person cannot keep up with each new piece of information.

Granted, this is a more recent one for me.

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I’ll go with ‘conflate’ too. A lovely, useful word.

Going back a few years, my new word of choice would have been ‘interregnum’.

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I was an avid reader as a child and so my vocabulary has not expanded much further in adulthood. My ability to pronounce said words on the otherhand… epitome was a particular eye opener :sweat_smile:

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I’m not sure if this is now common parlance but caught a UK show on you tube where ‘standard’ is now used as a term similar to ‘cool’ or 'job’s a good 'un!

It’s not a word.


Big fan of the word decorum. Learnt it quite a few years ago now but still find myself try and use it as often as possible as it makes me chuckle for no other reason than it just sounds stupidly pompous.

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Whenever someone says the word ‘decorum’ all I can think about is the greatest use of the word ever:

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:rofl: perfect use

I love epitome, too!

I used to really like the word “vitriol”, but I’d say kindred now. Haven’t found a chance to work “kindred spirits” into a convo yet.

To “Monzo” someone, as in to pay them using :monzo:.


Vehemently disagree

pecuniary - relating to or consisting of money.

I had no knowledge of his pecuniary problems :slight_smile:

from “Endeavour” this evening , lovely word