New UI of Feed / Manage looks wrong for Bill pots

Issue: the UI of the Bills pots with the new Feed / Manage tabs means you have a poor understanding of the relation between withdrawals and the scheduled payments. Should it not have more information in the main feed tab ?

Details to reproduce: open your bills pot and review the feed information which simply shows amounts and ‘personal account’ withdrawals

OS: iOS 14
Device: iPhone 11 pro max
App Version: 3.97.0


I don’t see what the problem is - it’s showing the pot transactions, as expected. There are corresponding credits in the personal account feed along with the actual scheduled payments.

This isn’t a bug. It’s showing where the money is going.

There is going to be work to link them, so it relates to the bill it’s paying.

I completely agree. I’ve never been able to use salary sorter correctly (a different issue) and therefore often want to be able to see at a glance what’s in a pot and what’s expected to go out still. The new feed experience is so counter intuitive and gives me no new information I can’t already see/ search for in the main tab. I’d love to see a toggle in Monzo labs to switch the default view from ‘feed’ to ‘manage’ on a user-by-user preference basis