New to Monzo, what’s next?

(Christopher) #1

I received a golden ticket and expect to receive my current account card tomorrow. When can I switch my salary into this account and setup direct debits. I read somewhere it takes a few weeks for extended checks or something. Thanks

(Andre Borie) #2

I believe the verification levels were only for prepaid - on the current account once you’ve passed the checks and got a card sent out it is active immediately with no limits (well none that you would hit during reasonable use).

(Ben) #3

As Andre has said above, once you have your account you are free to setup any direct debits and get your salary paid in :tada:

(Excited about Christmas) #4

However, the automated switching service is apparently at least a month away…

(robert) #5

Yes cass is soon tm. But you can still if you want as soon as you get the card use it however u want