New Summary Home Page

I’m struggling to find any posts about this which is odd - please direct me if a thread on this already exists.

I’ve been using the new home view for few weeks now and my biggest gripe (other than sluggish performance) is the new Pots layout. I use pots for daily spending (Groceries, Transport etc.) At glance view of all my pots is far better than the new horizontal scroll.

I like the top 3/4 of the screen, namely the Flex & current card account view - albeit can see it being frustrating if you don’t take advantage of Flex. And I like the Latest Activity being limited to last 3 transactions.

One simple fix to Pots I suggest & hope will be implemented is tapping on the Pots header takes one to a version of the old view - a simple list of all pots and their balances.

What are your thoughts?

Screenshots below to those who have not seen it yet.


Your feelings on pots are shared by many. I miss the old layout too.


Ah missed the post, thanks!

Glad to see others agree!