New Santander Zero CC Design?

Saw this over on the MSE Forum and I know what people on here are like about card designs, so reposted here for your amusement :grin:

New Santander Zero CC Design

Edit: PS. I think it looks awful


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Wow that is terrible.

How do I get one?!


I wonder if the design is limited to “additional cardholders” :grin:

It’s… modern and definitely better than Santander cards I’ve seen in the past but let’s say it’s not going on permanent display in any design museums

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That is one ugly card


Looks like one of those eye chart test things where you see a number/letter amongst the circles.


It’s a… Talking point…


Here’s hoping the PIN number isn’t hidden in there somewhere!? :rofl:


Ew, imagine it was textured too. :sweat_smile:

The card designs (the zero card is slightly in the image to the right hand size) for the ‘new’ numberless cards for Santander Mexico are much better, in my opinion.

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If they’d kept the matte black going for the whole height of the card it would have looked very sleek.

I’m a fan of vertical designs but the bottom half is just horrid. Something minimalist would be far better.

That card is awful :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:

I don’t think vertical cards work to me they look awful and I’d rather have a good standard card design

Gosh that’s terrible - no thank you :slight_smile:

Looks like it’s been dipped in something hideous.

I do like vertical cards - of those shown above, I do fancy that one with the eagle eating someone’s head.

(Not sure, though, why they plumped for that vibe…:thinking:)

Does Santander Zero CC provide instant notifications or a way to view pending transaction?

I believe Santander do provide a list of pending transactions, but there is certainly nothing instant about anything they provide. They probably just want things to work at all reliably, never mind having to provide instant notifications.

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