New phone and app

i have to buy a new phone as mine is kaput, when I download the monzo app to my new phone how do I link it to my bamk account?

Just sign in like normal as long as your phone number is the same :slight_smile:

You download the app (on iOS it’s advisable to do this from the App Store, and not from a back up).

The follow the instructions to Log In. Make sure you don’t go down the Sign Up flow. You’ll get an email with a magic link in it, click that and Marjory is your auntie.


My suggestion from a recent similar experience is to download your email app and set that up first. Will make it easier to deal with the Monzo access email

iCloud backups download from the App Store anyway.

This breaks our authentication and the app won’t work, requiring an uninstall/reinstall anyway.

This has been a problem for a long time. Shouldn’t it be fixed?