New phone advice

The company appears to check out with a verifiable publicly available company number and address on their website, which means you have an entity you can sue in the event it isn’t legit.

I can’t speak for the quality of the service they will provide in terms of shipping and customer support though.

Regarding their claim of being an authorised reseller, if you think it’s false, report it to Apple.


I’ll report it to Apple.shall I contact them on Twitter ?

If they are legit I’m guessing the phones refurbished or fake as RRP for the 8 is £480. Makes no sense it being £280

No reviews for it whatsoever on google or trust pilot

BD8 7HP on the Apple site has no trace of any resellers

Loads of typos all over the site too

Apple support on Twitter is for product support, so it likely won’t reach the right people. To report this site to Apple for misrepresenting themselves as an authorised reseller, use this form here.

They seem to be a relatively new company only incorporated a year ago in a very competitive market, which might explain the lack of reviews, but like I said, they are a legal entity operating in the U.K., so if they’re falsely representing themselves or a product, there is someone to sue for recourse.

It’s also possible Apple’s list of resellers is outdated or doesn’t include online-only retailers. You can always contact Apple Support directly to ask them if they are indeed an authorised reseller.

But trust is important if you’re going to conduct business with someone, so if you don’t trust them, don’t buy from them.

For what it’s worth, a lot of smaller less professional outfits can be guilty of having typos throughout their site. Even some of the larger companies have typos too.

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Reported, thanks :+1:t4:
Defo dodgy if you read the reviews

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Anyone buying the new SE ?

Nope, my iPhone X still works ok for me.

Almost certainly. I currently have a 6S and am very happy with the price of the SE.

But will likely wait until social distancing restrictions have eased. Not much point of me getting a new phone when spending almost all my time at home.

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Now is the best time to buy gadgets when you’ve got loads of time to play with them!

For some gadgets yes. But this is an iPhone. Not really any different to my existing iPhone from a user experience perspective.

I think this is a good idea for a number of reasons but not least because retailers are absolutely going to be fighting for your money when things open up again. I anticipate there are going to be good deals to be had.

Always looking for the sliver of silver lining!

According to iTunes on my pc my music is 9.05GB but on my iPhone in the storage section it says music 9.7GB

The music found matches both on iTunes and phone. So there’s the same amount on each

any ideas ?

Do you use any music subscription services on your iPhone that may have downloaded or cached some music files for local playback? iOS will count music streaming apps downloads as music storage too. It may also be that you could have some music files saved in iCloud Drive that have been cached on your device too.

Some devices also calculate GBs differently too, although the differences between those amounts is too large for that to be the explanation.

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I know, 700mb is pretty large.

Ok so after some research, iTunes on windows is in gigabyte but music on the iPhone is gibibyte. ( or vice versa )

9.7 gigabyte is the same as 9.04 gibibyte according to google. That explains it :+1:t4::+1:t4:

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Thanks for letting me know! I didn’t even think to consider the possible use of GiB, but I’m glad that solves it for you!

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I have an iPhone 7 with iCloud enabled for photos . Does this mean all my photos are stored in the cloud and not my phone now ?

Not an iPhone user, but had a family member who deleted all their photos off their phone because they had iCloud enabled, only to find that this had also deleted them from iCloud as well as the phone.

Which is to say, it seems a bit complicated! Had a Google, maybe reading this will help?

Seems pretty clear:

The upshot of this is that any photos deleted from your iPhone will also be deleted from your iCloud Photo library.

If it’s storage space that you’re worried about, there is a section on “How to save space on your iPhone keeping photos in iCloud”

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Thanks dude I have done some googling but it’s a difficult one.
Surely the iClouds purpose is to save storage on the phone but apparently they are linked and if one gets deleted then they both do

I’ll have to do some more googling later

iCloud photos is not an archival service. It’s really a sync service. However it can save device space if you set it to “optimise device storage”. When this setting is used and device space is low it will keep only lower quality versions of the photos on the device with the full quality versions on iCloud.

But deleting a photo will still lead to deleting everywhere.

I think Apple’s own documentation on iCloud photos is very clear


Make sure you use the Books app and get


All my relatives who have an iPhone use Google photos (as I do on Android) - free unlimited photo backup and means they never get close to the iCloud free limit.

Amazing way to share albums etc as well - tell it who is in the photo and it automatically adds to an album others can look at it. Great for the little people and there grandparents!