New notification sound

Update 1.5 appears to have brought with it an undocumented new feature: a loud cash-resister-jingling notification sound. Unfortunately it has not brought with it any mechanism to change this sound back to the previous more subtle sound, or a way to (as a stopgap) turn off the notification sound without disabling notifications entirely.


Hi @edzieba, I’m on 1.5 but I’ve not noticed the sound yet, most of my Monzo notifications have been within work hours so my phone has been on silent.

I do feel your pain though, not keen on the idea of cash register sounding notifications.

I’m using a Huawei Nexus 6P on Android Nougat 7.1.1

Not ideal, but you can mute notification sound, but keep the notifications, on an app by app basis follow the steps below;

Menu >> Settings >> Notifications >> Monzo

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Thanks Ash, that’ll do as a stopgap until a setting for notification sound is added.

I must say I don’t care for the new notification sound either. Much rather use the system default tbh, or even better, have a choice.


Agreeing with the others on this thread, not a fan of the new noise. As a bonus, I don’t have an option to mute notification sounds on an app-by-app basis. Hurrah.

Having a notification is fine, but it doesn’t need to draw overt attention - I know I’ve spent money most times it pops up.


Yeah… another agreement from me too, new noise scared me when I ordered a Domino’s earlier! :joy:
It was crazy loud :stuck_out_tongue:


yup, health & safety hazard :joy: :joy: almost dropped my (very hot) coffee when amazon took the money for an order :smiley:


I also failed victim to a new sound, I’m not scared easily but I jumped higher than any horror movie jump scare made me jump ever before. :scream: Ocado payment.
I’d prefer to have option to use own sound, Monzo to have few built in, or any other sound I want.


I actually like the new ‘monzo specific’ sound - it gives me heads up that I’ve just spent money (which for things like amazon purchases can be many hours after ordering) so I can check.

It does need a configuration option though as I can imagine it not going down well in a quieter work environment.


Count this as a vote against the new sound.

On my phone (Sony Z3 Compact) it comes across as loud, high-pitched radio static rather than as a “cute” cash register.

Previously, the lady I buy my morning coffee from would try and race her mobile card reader against the Monzo notification. Now she just loudly laughes and sometimes points :blush:

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Bumping this. The notification sound is really not very nice.


Is it still there? I’d like to request that Monzo announce it when they finally get rid of that horrible noise.

I disabled notification sounds for Monzo because I got sick of people asking “what the **** was that noise?!” in crowded shops.


I love the new card, but I can’t help being a bit embarrassed in public when the extremely high pitched cash sound blows my little android phone speaker and my eardrums. Can we have a choice?


No update on this since June - seriously? Come on Monzo, you’re better than this!

I think they have more important things to do then look at a sound right now things like a merge from prepaid card to current accounts etc :upside_down_face:

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Sorry but I don’t buy that - I’m a software engineer myself and I find it hard to believe that adding an option to mute this sound, or simply changing the sound to something less intrusive, would take any significant amount of time to accomplish.

There will always be items in the development backlog which are both urgent and important, but this shouldn’t mean that less important yet still urgent items should be neglected indefinitely.

Monzo already put this in a few versions ago. Long press on the monzo icon, select App Info then Notifications.

You can enable and disable all sort of different notifications (9 categories at present) and set a custom sound for each.

I’m fairly sure that what you are describing is a feature of the Android OS and nothing to do with the Monzo app itself. I have Android 7.1.1 and this section of the Android settings is present for every app, not just Monzo.

But in any case I do not see the 9 categories or any option to set any custom sounds. The only options are “Allow notifications”, “Low priority notifications”, and “Block all notifications”.

And if Monzo really did solve this problem, why aren’t they responding to this thread with the details?

Monzo implemented the feature using existing OS functionality. That means it’s solved.

It would be a waste of engineering resources to implement a bespoke notification system just because some people have an older OS that doesn’t support that feature… any more than they’d implement their own Face ID system for iOS.

Give it a few months and most people will have it (usually the big jump is when Samsung upgrade, for obvious reasons).

Give it a few months years,
Android upgrades only occur for the latest phones or when you upgrade device.

I’ve only just upgraded because of the battery, choice and needing a second phone. Android 7 was never coming to my June 2015 phone - and I’m sure I’m not alone in that.

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