New navigation for business banking users

Yep. All good now after logoff and logon. Thanks!

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I’ve just reported this through chat, but I’ll leave it here as well… I received a transfer from Stripe this morning but received no notification of it, and when I opened my business account just now, my balance wasn’t up to date (on the transaction list nor the account/pot overview list)… I restarted the app from scratch a few times.

My balance was correct on the transfer tab header, but it was slightly disconcerting…

(And for the avoidance of doubt, my balance hasn’t fixed itself. My words might’ve made it sound like it had.)

Thanks for the feedback @Liam_W ! We’ll take a look into this for you today. Are you on android or iOS?

Hey @Liam_W – can you open up the app again and see if things are updating?