New navigation for business banking users

Yep. All good now after logoff and logon. Thanks!

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I’ve just reported this through chat, but I’ll leave it here as well… I received a transfer from Stripe this morning but received no notification of it, and when I opened my business account just now, my balance wasn’t up to date (on the transaction list nor the account/pot overview list)… I restarted the app from scratch a few times.

My balance was correct on the transfer tab header, but it was slightly disconcerting…

(And for the avoidance of doubt, my balance hasn’t fixed itself. My words might’ve made it sound like it had.)

Thanks for the feedback @Liam_W ! We’ll take a look into this for you today. Are you on android or iOS?

Hey @Liam_W – can you open up the app again and see if things are updating?

Same issue for me using 3.18.0

I hope that being business users isn’t going to continue to delay us getting new features moving forward :cry:

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Not sure if it’s just me, but I’ve had the old nav for some time now because of a business account, today’s app update seems to have returned the new navigation, but I’m panicking a bit because I can’t figure out how to use the business account in the new nav and can’t find any documentation.

Have Monzo just accidentally cut off all their business users from being able to access their money?!

Anyone else with the same problem?

Click your profile icon in the top left, the top of the next screen has an account switcher to move to your business account.

Thanks for that - it didn’t work at first
Their tech support came back to me and told me to force quit the app then return to it - that worked

Think it must be a bug as I’d even tried logging out and back in again.

OK so minus one point to Monzo for releasing a bug that scared the bejuezus out of me that my business account had disappeared, but plus one for sorting it out via chat in less than half an hour.

Ah! Sorry that you had trouble here! I think this is a bug relating to the time it takes for your account to sync to the new navigation for the first time. It shouldn’t happen again!

we’re working on some communications to send out to everyone to let you know how you can best work in the new navigation! :smiley: and if you’re a limited company, later this week you’ll be able to see everyone you’ve given account access to, and you can invite people in-app automatically without havign to ask via chat :slight_smile:


Any ideas on the hide / sort pots functionality for business, Jordan?

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Good question! We don’t have that on our short-term roadmap (just to make sure we give time to the new app design, context selector, and some other new features we’re working on), but will check in with the team to see the effort here and report back :slight_smile:


Hide pots and sort pots just started working on mine with a business account.

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Mine too!

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Great to hear! :slight_smile: I think this is Android only for now, but we’re working on making it available across both platforms in the next few months :slight_smile: