New logo for ATM withdrawals

Hello wonderful Monzo people,

First of all, love the app!

However, I was just wandering if their would be a better logo choice in the home section for cash withdrawals.

Right now, I just see an ‘A’ with a grey background.

Could the logo be the green cash logo you have already for categories?

And it would of course change logo depending on which category you choose for that specific withdrawl?



Hey Dylan, thanks for the feedback! We’re aware and agree, the ATM icon right now is dud — I’ve been exploring some ideas for a replacement this week and I think we should have a solution in app next week.

It was the type of design problem where the size of the faulty element (58x58px) didn’t match up to the amount of brainpower required :grin: Each potential solution thus far hasn’t worked with the logic we’ve outlined for transaction avatars, but we’ll almost there! :soon:


Hey @zancler. Any update on this?

As @dylanbendrake mentioned above, the cash icon from the categories menu could look pretty cool.