New font - really not a big fan

Like you say it’s subjective. However I’m pretty sure that they are experts - it’s called a profession let’s not belittle it shall we. Monzo sans is a bespoke type created for Monzo not downloaded off dafont with 0 consideration. It’s got character, something which is not easy to create.

There is no belittling involved. It just happens to be an area of subjective judgement.
There are many artists in the world, and when you think that artist A is absolute rubbish but I think the same artist is amazing, that’s (generally) considered ok as a difference of taste. I’m sure we both can find some ‘expert artists’ that we dislike. Same with UI design. Usability can be measured (how often it actually is measured is a different story), beauty cannot (although the Greeks had something to say about that with their golden section).

Sure, but that doesn’t automatically make it amazing. Bespoke creations can be as horrible as off-the-shelf choices (not saying the Monzo font is, just saying the argument that it was bespoke therefore it is good isn’t a very good one).

Absolutely, it’s similar to other fonts but different enough; I think soon it may become fairly easy to differentiate Monzo print from others because of it.

I’m not saying it’s absolutely amazing, just disagreeing with your statement that they aren’t experts.

Really interesting to hear this. We’ve had mixed feedback on the font, with some people saying it’s harder to read from an accessibility perspective. Some feedback has said the letter spacing feels closer, when in fact when we looked at them side-by-side the new font has more letter spacing.


I think after a few days now the letters I don’t mind but I genuinely would like to see a change to the numbers. They look too skinny to me and at the top of my account and scrolling through my pots I feel like the number in the top center is not bold enough and my small amounts in them feel even smaller seeing it presented so skinny :sweat_smile:. If there was going to be any change then numbers over letters please!

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That’s really interesting. To me, the spacing is much further apart (I think it’s why I don’t love it actually) and I can’t envisage anyone thinking it’s closer together than the former font!

I barely notice the difference!


The new (upper) clearly has wider spacing (or the actual letters are stretched).


Looking at it like that, the top looks really wide.


This was what I thought too when I saw them side by side. It looks a lot wider to me, almost too wide in comparison.

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I hadn’t even noticed the change until I saw this thread :slight_smile:

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It was only really noticeable with the numbers for me at first.

I quite like like it though. It’s a pleasant typeface.

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I love the new font. :white_check_mark:


But spacing to stroke width ratio went up.

Can the strokes be thicker?

I don’t mind the font. It was the reduced line spacing that drew my eye to the fact there’d been a change. One day everything just looked a bit more squished than it was before.

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I really like it :smile: