New feature coming 👀

Yeah, both options were/are available to staff.

But as far as I’m aware Metal probably won’t launch yet. The benefits of metal were more affected by the pandemic compared to Plus.

Reading between the lines, virtual cards confirmed…


? How did you get that

Reading between the lines, free beer is also confirmed as a Plus benefit. Cheers! :beers:


I intuited it…

Look at the bold letters in what I quoted

Edit: I should probably get back to work.


Would love virtual cards - would be worth plus just for this.

There have been indications of Virtual Cards in the Monzo Android Tear down’s also a while back

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I wonder what happens to those of us still on old plus. Queue jumper plx :wink:


@monzobot fortune

Well there be virtual cards in New Plus?

:crystal_ball: As I see it, yes


There you go, doubly confirmed :point_up_2:


What’s so good about virtual cards?

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They’re like cards, but virtual!


They don’t physically exist and yet they work just like a physical card, therefore they must be


But seriously, if you want to buy dodgy “oregano” from a Russian website you don’t have to worry about your card being compromised

And now really seriously: depending on how good the implementation is they can help you keep your card details secure online and keep track of payments.

There was some website that leaked a bunch of card details a few years ago and monzo had to cancel lots of cards. With virtual cards you could keep using your real card and just request a new virtual one should it become compromised


Next Feature Request: Virtual Metal Cards


Also they may be able to be linked to a pot specifically for something like subscription payments which require a bank card.
This is just speculation from past teardowns and chats


And to add to that, the way I would use them is for things like:

  • Free trials / subscriptions that demand card details up front - often find these are difficult to cancel on a card.
  • General Online shopping to segregate where I physically input my card details - I could cycle cards more often for this purpose with less worry of how many sites I’ve given my card to.
  • If they implement it; specific pot payments from a linked virtual card.

For me it would be an added bonus on top of a well developed Premium account; it’s not something I would seek out but I would use if it was part of an existing account.


Virtual cards is a feature I’d happily pay for.


I agree with this too. As consumers we need better protections against cases of companies using shady tactics to try to lock people into subscriptions.

Although this would do that on the surface, when you take out a trial, you’re often legally obligated to then pay for it if you don’t cancel it directly with the service provider. Whilst it’s unlikely they will come after you for it, it’s always a possibility, and something Which? Tried to do me several years back. My card experiation lapsed during my £1 trial, and instead of just cancelling my subscription when the payment failed, they kept it going and actually threatened to take me to court if I didn’t pay! I paid it and asked them to cancel it. Never been near them since.

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Yep absolutely, and the amount of times when card updates have been given to vendors in forms of continuous payment authorities.

I know you can turn those off on your main card, but for some things it’s useful and some it’s not. The control to give your main card info to people who act reponsibly, and your vCard to people who might not could only be a good thing.

And legal obligations aside, it just frustates me to no end the amount of hoops you sometimes have to go through to cancel those CPA’s. Like I can sign up to a Service within 3 clicks, but to cancel I have to submit my blood sacrifice after 2pm on the First Tuesday after a Blue Moon when Jupiter is in retrograde.

Throw into the same bucket of frustration as well: the amount of vendors moving away from Direct Debit and towards CPA’s is so frustrating.

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