New employer - address of Monzo?

Hi I am commencing new employment soon and need Monzos branch address to be paid to my account. I have found a few different ones.

What do I put for this?

@ideanoo - I presume it’s the Address within the App (for Android - It’s under Account | Profile | Bank Address).

Monzo Bank
38 Finsbury Square
London EC2A 1PX
United Kingdom

You’ll obviously also need your Account# and the sort code is 04-00-04
If needed, the BIC is MONZGB2L


That’s the Address under Bank Address within the App, Yes.

Or if your new employer pays you via cheque, then put the cheque into an envelope, seal it and write ‘FREEPOST MONZO’ on it, then drop into a postbox (no stamp required)

Monzo will process it once they receive it and it’ll hit your account as a credit.


Don’t forget to put your account number on the back!


If you search for ‘Address’ in the help section it comes right up :slight_smile:

That’s a bit strange… if you update your bank details with employer they don’t need bank address. Sort code and account number only… so I think they don’t need this information at all…

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My employer asked for it. Most do


Some just Ask as a formality. No one needs a bank afresh really, sort code and account number are enough.

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