New categories

(Nick) #1

Whose poor decision was it to rename Cash to Finances?

The Cash target was surely a budget for the amount of Cash you withdraw each month. Whereas Finances is a generic term for all the other categories; everything after all is surely Finance?

How many people have that many “Personal Care” expenditures a month, or spend money on Family regularly?

Can we have some sensible, useful new categories please?


Surely people that have families spend money on family?

(Andre Borie) #3

I actually like this new category as it allows me to put my credit card payments in there, to separate them from “bills” which are more for things like utilities (and rent, since at the moment there isn’t a dedicated “housing” category).

(Nick) #4

Regularly? Really? Is that category more important than say Salary (as an income category); or splitting Travel into maybe Public Travel and Personal Travel? Or many of the others that have been requested, and still not an option.

(Nick) #5

So why not have Bills, Credit Cards, Money Transfers? Finances is just a broad generalisation for all “financial” transactions.

(Andre Borie) #6

They’re working on proper custom categories, and this is just a stop-gap measure. Better than nothing in my opinion.

(Jack) #7

I put quite a few things under personal care like opticians, gym, haircuts etc.

Personally for me finances is better than cash as a category. I now have a proper way to tag transfers to my savings accounts.


Family will be a very well used category for me. Glad to see it introduced

(Jack) #9

Out of interest what would you generally tag as family? I don’t have any children etc so just curious


Isn’t this for spending rather than income. There is an income section that is separate no?

(Nick) #11

There is no income. That’s the flaw.

(Jack) #12

There is within the new summary screen yes. (This is in beta)

(Nick) #13

My thoughts exactly.


So it exists and you can turn it on and see it if you don’t want to wait


Christmas and birthday, school uniforms, school voluntary contributions and subject material fees, kids clothing, day trips, school equipment, pocket money, magazines, treats

…and cat food

(Jack) #16

I see! Useful for a lot of people then! I wouldn’t have thought of that otherwise. Maybe I’ll use it for birthdays etc or Christmas presents. I suppose a gifts category would be very useful for that though.


Not me :wink:

(Jack) #18

Children I hear are generally expensive to run!

Edit: the sentence above wasn’t suppose to sound like a car :sweat_smile:


Me either personally. If I had custom categories they’d be:



For me, family either appears under a regular expenditure category or as a transfer to someone else in the family so they can buy stuff rather than me.