New card didn't arrive - can't order new one

The app auto ordered my new card (to replace the one that expires in Dec) but since it hasn’t arrived 10 days after being sent, I now have this feed notification:

However, when I click on it, it only gives me the option to activate the new card, not report that it didn’t arrive. The help pages suggest it should give me that option:

I’ll go into chat to do it, but it would be great if it could be done the way it was intended.

I think when RM was having major issues during the lockdowns, they implemented a delay to when you could order it, even if the app says you can. If you wait, it will let you do it via the app.

One of the touted benefits to Monzling is that development can be done at pace and in a speedy way. While what you say is true, I wish they’d take this to heart and do things properly - making sure that all the UI detail and Help copy matches current reality!


You mean a delay to when I could reorder a new one if the first one didn’t arrive?

Yeah that makes sense.

Chat just told me the delivery was still within the expected timeframe (ie the app notification is wrong) and I could order a new one by freezing (but that doesn’t give me the option to reorder, just to activate). So a few inconsistencies in the app.

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Yeah that doesn’t seem to be happening in this case.

I get it, pandemic, developing situation etc. But ultimately it wastes COps time.

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From all the other threads about it, that’s my best guess.

If DELAY > 7, “Would you like to reorder?”

But they’ve changed that 7 to a 10, but the message still shows after 7. (Or whatever the numbers are)

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I’ve flagged this up in our #product-feedback channel for you!


:raised_hands:t4: thanks @Dan5!

Just coming back here to say: it arrived!

It was day 12 after ordering (the final day in the window that was in the app). Another card in the house also arrived around the same time, so just be patient with card deliveries at the moment.

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