New car purchase

So off the topic of banks we’ll sort of if you don’t include money lol :wink:
Time has come for my to get a new car I’ve narrowed a few choices and wanted to see what people’s opinions are because I am torn LOL!
Want a small, economical car for work and the like.

So the 3 I’m happy with are;
Smart forfour passion
Peugeot 108
Kia picanto 1

Anyone own / had any of the above? What’s the verdict thanks all :blush:

Currently got a Ford Fiesta

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Audi A1 :eyes:


@anon72173902 Lol not on my NHS salary :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


All three options would be a noticeable downgrade from a Fiesta (unless it’s an old one).

Have you test driven all 3? That’s the only real way to tell which one you prefer.

What’s your budget?

The new A1 is beautiful, but honestly, a good spec Ibiza would be a better buy - it’s the same car but comes with more kit for less money, because badge.


Do you actually want a new car? You can get a lightly used one for much cheaper (a car loses a lot of its value as soon as it’s owned, even though it’s still in very good condition and with low mileage).


Or Skoda Fabia…

The Fabia is a nice motor (I own an older one), but considering the Fabia and Ibiza are identical, I think the Seat offers more in terms of styling and interior features. Having driven all 3 (A1, Fabia and Ibiza) I can say the Ibiza has a nicer drive than the Skoda.

When I say new I mean new to me lol! A used one my budget is around 6K

Umm my fiesta is quite new 2014 plate


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My advice, having worked in the industry for most of the last year, is to buy as new as possible, and always get approved used and within warranty.

Test drive every option and chose which environment you prefer being in and which car suits your driving style.

Also worth looking at Hyundai - they’re doing some interesting things at the moment (thinking about the i30N :drooling_face:)

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I bought a seat Ibiza and love it!

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I love my fiesta, if I can’t afford to get an electric car then my next one is either going to be another fiesta or the new focus. Can’t decide yet!

Comes in looking for advice on 3 car choices leaves with completely different car choices.

Gotta love t’internet :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat:


Back to the drawing board for me, think I’ll look more into it, and yes will deffinately test drive them first, so Saturday I’ll pop down to the dealers and see how I go

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If you want a wee car for about 6k… Skoda Citygo…

Edit: Also hang fire until the last week of March…

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Had picanto which was ok. We currently have an Hyundai i10 it is a premium model but feels better on the road than the picanto.
Kia & Hyundai do have 5-7 year warranties - they don’t cover everything but we have found them to cover most things.
What about a newer fiesta? There are loads of them about.

Whats wrong with it that it needs replaced?

Nothing is wrong with it and has 30k on clock so not bad mileage too, decided to keep it for now as went and viewed some cars just wasn’t feeling it so gonna stick by the fiesta for now :grinning:

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I like the fiesta, it can take a pretty good beating on mileage per year without any real issues. I have a smaller car, and while it would be nice to get a better car, i can save more this year by not doing so, plus not having that debt attached to me is a good feeling.


Exactly that’s what I thought not an old old car and works perfectly :crossed_fingers: so save the debt and keep it :heart_eyes: good advice that’s what I was doing must have had a funny 5 minutes all the TV adds for cars don’t help LOL :wink:

Best advice I can give is to keep an eye on the service schedule. Look out for the more expensive things that might be coming up, things like timing belt changes (if applicable)… I always find just prior to these sort of expenses is the best time to change, especially if the idea is already in your head… in the meanwhile though get your moneys worth from the car…