New app layout disappeared

My app has randomly returned to the old layout with no way to force the new design. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app, this is on Android, but it’s still the old layout and it’s making me queasy.

This happened to anyone else?

Raise it with a Co-op in the in-app chat. There’s a control group that’s on the old layout still, but I doubt they’d move people from new -> old as part of a test.

Cool, I will ask the question :+1:

I’ve asked co-ops, and they’re raising it. I’ll update when I hear more

Have your recently opened a business account? (I think anyone with a business account has to still be on the old layout while Monzo does the background tweaks necessary to make them compatible).

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No I’ve not got a business account nor applied for one


Were you experiencing bad performance issues with new layout, like feeds taking ages to update?

Maybe they’ve seen lots of timeouts and switched those people back.

I think occasionally I was but could be misremembering. There was a couple times I had to force close the app and reopen it, but at the time I probably just assumed it was my internet

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So apparently I’m in this control group. I do think it’s absurd they’ve moved me - someone who had enabled the new look in labs before release, and then had the new look for a while - back to the old layout for a control group

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So do I. They’ve invited you to test a new feature, which you’ve accepted. Then they’ve rolled it out to everyone else but taken it away from you. That sounds ridiculous to me.


Agreed. They should have asked for your consent first.

Did the same to me! It’s a bit annoying, especially when trying to assist other family members when they have different apps!


Hopefully it won’t be too long until you’re moved across, Otherwise you’ll start to miss out on changes that will only be applied to the new nav.

Yeah, it’s annoying because I’d gotten used to the new layout. If it goes on for much longer I’ll be asking to be taken out of the control group